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  1. quik97

    FI Register

    Wonder how many would be on this list now. 12 of us in 2013 which will be before most of you got your clios
  2. quik97

    ABS “Abnormal voltage”

    Did you have any joy with this. Mines just started the same
  3. quik97

    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    What was the symptoms of the failing drive shaft? Think mine is knocking slightly when turning.
  4. quik97

    197: R## CUP at Crystal Peaks, Sheffield this morning.

    Yeah that was mine thought the Mégane conversion was well hidden you must have had a good look found a friend at Meadowhall too
  5. quik97

    Long Term owners

    Still got mine bought new in 2008
  6. quik97

    200: White 200 Cup - Centertainment Sheffield

    200 Was me and my 197
  7. quik97

    **Clio 197/200 Race Car Build**

    why not go for cup racer wing rather than the road wing? im sure the cup racer wing sits at a different angle so actually creates down force.
  8. quik97

    White 197/200 near Tgi's/Centertainment Sheffield

    could have been me went to meadowhall but can't remember playing with another car. white 197 and yozza exhaust, not the quietist of cars
  9. quik97

    197: White, R80 CUP, Bolsover Car Care

    i traded it for the saab. i love the economy of it haha. its been up at marks for quite a bit of work this year. I've had a new ecu, a new uch, single piece flywheel, r26r clutch and now its up for a new loom to try and get to the bottom of my electrical gremlins. only reason its been there so...
  10. quik97

    197: White, R80 CUP, Bolsover Car Care

    Yeah that's mine. Just waiting on a few bits and pieces for mine.
  11. quik97

    de-wipering a clio

    thats where i got mine from a couple of years back.
  12. quik97

    Carbon Cup Racer spoiler

    shame its a proper cup one as it would leave me holes in the boot lid from the old spoiler
  13. quik97

    Racing Blue R27 392/500 - 24/04/15 Polished up/Recaro bases changed over

    can't believe you've still got it dan. not spotted it around stamford for years
  14. quik97

    Wires to the engine fan

    Can anybody with a Clio 197 tell me which colour wires goes to the engine cooling fan. One goes to the switch in the bottom of the rad and the other goes to the fan just don't know which is which. One set of wires is pink and purple but don't know which way round they should be. Thanks
  15. quik97

    My new clio 200!

    hi stu thought id put my progress blog up here for you as you messaged me last night on Facebook.
  16. quik97

    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    luovers over the turbo area?
  17. quik97

    progress of R80 CUP- now with boost

    so had a slight issue of hitting a pigeon at a silly speed. totalled the headlight so had to order a new one. didn't get a picture of new one fitted.
  18. quik97

    wondering under acceleration and braking?

    can the lower ball joints be checked like normal balljoints ? checking for play.
  19. quik97

    wondering under acceleration and braking?

    so the clio has started to feel a little unstable under acceleration and braking and feels like its wandering all over the place. the car really tramlines on the a1 worse than it used to. not looked at anything yet but whats the symptoms of the hub ball joints and anyone any idea or had similar...