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  1. Deako

    My M135i

    Hi guys. Haven't been on here in ages. Ive been the owner of an M135i since Sep this year. Such a beast, so happy with it. Untitled by LukeDeakin, on Flickr
  2. Deako

    Candy White 6R Polo GTI

    Picked this up last night from the dealership. :bounce1: Well, got a fair deal on our Fiat 500, so managed to work out a good deal on this Polo GTI from Birmingham VW. I had tried to buy the one that SteveP (from the Mk5 Golf GTI Forum) ended up buying, and was negotiating a deal at the same...
  3. Deako

    Cup Race Car For Sale Quite cheap. :bounce1:
  4. Deako

    197: Whats it worth? Honest opinion - might be interested

    Can anyone tell me how much they think a 58 plate 60k mile Glacier White FF 197 is worth? It has xenons, speedlines and cup pack. Just out of interest. I notice, there are tonnes of 197 out there with similar or much less mileage for less than £6k these days. I have to be honest, i really dont...
  5. Deako

    Ultra Red R27 - Solihull - Jut off Cov Road

    An R27 has moved in to a house around the corner from us. Well, not literally an R27, i mean, a person has moved in that owns one. :) Anyone from here?
  6. Deako

    S14 STU - Albi 197 - A45 31/05/2011

    Was standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross to get to work.
  7. Deako

    My new have 2 of them.

    Here is my new Scirocco GT TSI. Its got the later 2.0 TSI engine, not the same as the one in the Golf Mk5, as this one has a cam chain. So doesnt need replacing like the previous engine. However, its not quite as tunable as easily. Same engine is also used in the Mk6 Golf GTI, but not in the...
  8. Deako

    Typo in Classifieds

    Its spelt: Gauging Interest NOT Guaging Interest Not sure what a guage is. :tomato:
  9. Deako

    200: Bye Bye Gordini.......

    Well the Clio is being part exchanged next week. Just not enough interest private sale, so cutting my losses and getting rid. Never have i owned a car that has lost so much money in such a short space of time. Dont think i will buy French again. Next car is German. Anyone care to guess? On...
  10. Deako

    Mk2 Scirocco Track Car

    Copied this over from Club GTI. Edited the intro, as it wouldnt have made sense on here. So i start with the distance. Sadly, the car was located 290 miles drive away in Scotland, so a quick day trip to view was out the question. The car was prepared back in 2000 as a Tarmac Rally / Sprint...
  11. Deako

    Albi Blue - M74 - V11 JDN - 22nd April

    I was driving the new track car, and the wife was in front of me in the Gordini when we spotted you approaching from our rear view mirrors.
  12. Deako

    Lovely Night Out

    So i set the tripod up and caught a lovely shot of the moon. As it came off the camera, no adjustments, sharpening etc. Just some cropping.
  13. Deako

    Japan - Earthquake/Tsunami

    Surprised to see nobody has mentioned this yet. Very bad state over in Japan at the moment, with warnings out for most the Pacific islands. Thoughts go out to everyone over there thats affected. Been watching live on the news since...
  14. Deako

    Merge Clio Chat Sections

    I cant personally see the point in having 197/200 segregation on the forum. Would it be best to have the sections merged? Im sure 197 owners miss out on some good threads in the 200 section and vice versa.
  15. Deako

    Albi Blue 200 w/ Anthracite Pack - by Landrover - 19/2/11 - 13:15 ish

    Seen on the way in to Touchwood today. You were wearing a high via, but didn't acknowledge us.
  16. Deako

    White 197 - Hobbs Moat Road - 13/2/2011 3pm - M700 OOL or similar

    Saw you approaching the roundabout on the way into Solihull, as i was crossing over it on Castle Lane. :)
  17. Deako

    Center Box Replacement with straight pipe - Birmingham Area - **Vid!!!**

    Can anyone recommend an exhaust specialist to replace the centre box with a length of mild steel in the Birmingham (Sheldon/Solihull) area? I had a quote from Torqueflow, but they want £40, which i think is a tad on the dear side for 10 minutes work. Looking to get it done this Saturday...
  18. Deako

    Vinyl Wrapping - Birmingham Area?

    Can anyone recommend a decent company to wrap my F1 blade and mirror caps in the Birmingham area? I have been quoted £120 so far by Carbon Skin, who will prep the paint (including decontamination, dewax etc) and offer a 5 year warranty on the vinyl and installation. Was hoping to get it...
  19. Deako

    White 200 Gordini - Coventry Rd A45, Sheldon 8:38am - 14/1/2011

    Saw it this morning. Was driving the opposite way. First other Gordini ive ever seen on the road, and it was a white one. :)
  20. Deako

    RB 200 Black Speedlines - Solihull - 24/10/10 - 2:30pm ish

    We were approaching a roundabout and i caught a flash of you in the rear view mirror. Car looked nice. You turned off to go down the Warwick Rd. I went straight over on Lode Lane.