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  1. Marius197

    Stock Exhaust set

    They made from stainless steel, only weak point is flexi bits
  2. Marius197

    Anyone With Keyless Entry Please Read

    Not sure thiefs goanna waste they time stealing £3k clio when you can take any new merc or bmw in seconds
  3. Marius197

    Injection computer internal fault!?

    Could be watter damaged ecu.
  4. Marius197

    Problem with Clutch

    Replace brake fluid and make sure you bleed clutch while doing it.
  5. Marius197

    POTM December 2018

    Can't edit old post , here's mine
  6. Marius197

    POTM December 2018

    Winter track day,
  7. Marius197

    Middle section delete - is it worth it?

    Below 5k rpm sounds very similar inside , which is what i like, mine is daily at the moment and i would hate it if it was loud inside.
  8. Marius197

    Middle section delete - is it worth it?

    Do it . Removed mine last weekend . Absolutely love it how it sound now. No drone inside too .
  9. Marius197

    My NG 197

    Steering wheel retrimed :D
  10. Marius197

    My NG 197

  11. Marius197

    New 197 owner

    Hi all, Few weeks ago picked up 197 ,pretty much standard except federal 595rs-r's .Love how it handles and really surprised how stable it feels at 180-200km/h. It's also my first fwd car which makes driving whole new experience . How it look at the moment.