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  1. MRizzle

    What are you listening to in your Clio?

    As some of you perhaps realise, I love my music and have somewhat eclectic tastes. I thought that this might be a nice way of sharing our musical tastes, recommendations and to for us to make new discoveries. So...what are you listening to just now? I've just downloaded the new Deluxe album by...
  2. MRizzle

    Bolternatives - Engine bolts

    Sorry guys, there's been pretty much radio silence on my part recently due to a ridiculous workload the past fortnight and then a somewhat excessive celebration of the start of 6 weeks holiday. Seriously, at what age did the 2 day hangovers kick in?!?! Anyway, a really small update for you; I...
  3. MRizzle

    Quality eBay listing

    I feel sorry for the chap but this listing is blooming brilliant (read the description)!!
  4. MRizzle

    I got Lost today...

    See what I did there? I'll be here all week...try the veal.
  5. MRizzle

    LED sidelights/DRLs

    Some of you may remember that I enquired if the interior LEDs that I was provided a link with ( would fit the sidelights and, once again, you were wonderfully helpful in advising me that they should. As I was bored and disappointed that my Hekos hadn't...
  6. MRizzle

    Thoughts please!

    Just a really quick one; what are people's thoughts on this? 1) I would need to measure this up to ensure that it is aligned at a correct height to mirror the RS badge or it it would drive my OCD nuts! 2) 3) 4) looks stupid, don't bother. I'd be really interested in your thoughts as I'm...
  7. MRizzle

    Help!! How do I remove this?!

    Can anyone please help, I think that I'm being stupid but how the heck do I remove this?!
  8. MRizzle


    Sorry guys, I realise that I'm posting a lot at the moment!! Headed out in my lunch hour to try and get some good shots at a nice spot I now but it was heaving with people and the sun was right above me making decent shots a bit trickier than I'd anticipated. Curses.
  9. MRizzle

    Share your reflection shots!

    I'm sure that I am far from the only detailing enthusiast and so I thought that I'd create a thread for people to share their reflection shots and hard work. Here's a couple to kick start things.
  10. MRizzle

    Instagram Accounts

    (Admin - please advise/delete if not allowed) Who has Instagram accounts? Mine is MRIZZLE83. Please fell free to add me (I'll add you back) and please add your own account below.
  11. MRizzle

    Pick up day

    Just some iPhone photos for now because I didn't have any of my other cameras with me. I just love the colour though and the light was pretty good so I just thought I'd grab some photos anyway.
  12. MRizzle

    Original Renault Gordini Key Fob

    This may be of interest to any Gordini owners. Please note, I am in no way affiliated with this company but I have used the guy in the past to source and produce a key fob when I had an RCZ. I was looking into his range of Renault key fobs in case I fancied another when I stumbled across these...
  13. MRizzle

    Carbon Exhaust Trim

    Hi all, quick question (and I hope that I've put this in the right section!), I saw in another thread that someone had fitted carbon exhaust trims and thought that they looked pretty smart. Those were by Cazan Racing but I can't seem to find them anywhere online? Can anyone advise? I found this...
  14. MRizzle


    Hi all! Firstly, great forum filled with lots of advice from a number of very knowledgeable contributors. I've just begun to scratch the surface of the forum so will have a lot of reading to do. I'm set to collect a new to me 200 on Tuesday. Due to an unforeseen change in circumstances and a...