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    Here we go, last minute entry from me. Thanks for the reminder @Cliosport-carl 20180318_104536E by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    POTM December 2018

    Here's my entry. Have a great Christmas everyone: IMG_2147 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    POTM December 2018

    Looking forward to trying to come up with something for this one :-)
  4. lewisflintham

    POTM November 2018

    The one you picked first, I'd say. The car stands out much better on it. Although, I think i prefer the dual carriageway light trails better on the second one! lol.
  5. lewisflintham

    POTM November 2018

    Here's my effort from this evening: IMG_1895 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
  6. lewisflintham

    POTM November 2018

    Excellent pic. I did something similar to this, also in a November one! Back in 2013 though: - PIC 4.
  7. lewisflintham

    **VOTE** POTM October 2018

    Number 11 for me please.
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    POTM October 2018

    Here's my spontaneous phone shot! Thought the colours looked good in the sun, and I haven't had chance to get out with the camera. 2018-10-26_05-37-01 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    **VOTE** February 2018

    Number 2 for me.
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    POTM February 2018

    Last minute entry from me. Not the idea I was hoping for, as the weather has hindered my other idea! Good luck everyone. IMG_0145 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    Screech when reversing

    Yeah, mine hasn't done it in ages. Seems to be a warm weather thing.
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    POTM - December 2017

    I've finally got round to getting a picture sorted for this month's competition. Hope everyone's had a good Christmas! IMG_0050 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    Or this :-)
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    . I took this for an open theme in Jan 2014. Photo of my own car moving. Driven by my brother :smile:
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    I personally enjoy the themes. I spend quite a while thinking about it. I can honestly say, I've never entered an old pic. It's a great excuse every month to get the camera out. I've been entering these POTM comps since October 2013 lol. Maybe we could have some posts sometimes of, "theme ideas...
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    The future of POTM ! YOUR vote counts.

    You should be fine with phone pics. You can take a pic on a old 4mp digital camera, and it'll print fine at A4. No bigger though.
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    POTM - September 2017

    Here's my entry for this month. My Nephew's Toy Clio and mine. Both Much Loved! IMG_9133 by Lewis Flintham, on Flickr
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    Anyone know this car? WP56 CZB

    Just noticed, you've put the wrong number plate in the title. It might help your search if you edit it lol. Or put it in this thread, if it won't let you change it. Good luck. Welcome anyway! (Sorry, just realised you've been on here since 2015!)
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    **VOTE** POTM AUGUST 2017

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm well pleased thank you. Looking forward to this month's challenge. There's already some great entries in!
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    **VOTE** POTM AUGUST 2017

    Number 3 for me.