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  1. lewisflintham

    Check Auto Gearbox

    1. "Check auto gearbox". Anyone had this appear on the dash. Started the car, midday on Thursday, and there was a slight delay from pressing start, to it actually turning over. Then it showed "check auto gearbox" on the trip display. Turned the car off and on again, and it all seems fine. Got it...
  2. lewisflintham

    Screech when reversing

    This is likely to be a long shot, but has anyone else had this? When reversing, normally in to a space, or parallel parking, I sometimes get a loud Screech, squeal, creak kind of noise from somewhere under the bonnet. Now, this is probably going to be a pain to diagnose, as it's intermittent...
  3. lewisflintham

    POTM - Your other ideas - Just for fun

    I'm not sure if you lot are the same as me, but each month that I enter, I'm never sure which one to post! Just wanted to share my other ideas for the "Close-Up" theme for June's POTM. What were everyone else's "possibilities"? Thanks. Some I like more than others. The...
  4. lewisflintham

    Updating your R-link

    After having to reset the factory settings on my r-link, I had to update it again to the current software. The way it works is ridiculous. You have to log on to the r-link store and check for updates. If you just put your card in, the r-link toolbox will tell you that your card is up to date...
  5. lewisflintham

    Clunk when clutch disengages

    Just wondering if this is normal or not. I've noticed that sometimes, there's quite an audible clunk from under the car when the clutch disengages. It's when you're coming to a stop. You can get it to do it most times if you put it into first as you slow down, then as you're braking, the revs...
  6. lewisflintham

    Front Splitter

    Hi guys and girls, Has anyone got the part number for the very bottom front splitter? (The black plastic one). The previous owner of my car seems to have run it over a kerb, and it's scratched and a little out of shape. I've just rung Renault and they've quoted £165.24 + VAT. I was...
  7. lewisflintham

    Clunk from under gear stick

    Just got in to move the car, and there's an audible clunk when you press the brake. It's coming from under the gear stick. Sounds like a mechanical clunk. Anyone else had this? It's going in to Renault on Monday, so I'll add this to the ever growing list?
  8. lewisflintham

    Creaks all over!

    Apart from the creak from the rear which I've traced to the tailgate, this car doesn't half creak and rattle. So much for improved build quality. There's a really annoying vibrating rattle from the rear which seems to be the black plastic surround on the tailgate. I'm planning on removing this...
  9. lewisflintham

    Leather seats

    Who's the guy with the LY 200T and leather seats? Just noticed on mine, there's a section on the front passenger seat, near the seatbelt holder and seat adjuster, that's just like a fluffy material. Weird. Is your one the same? Thanks.
  10. lewisflintham

    Clio 200T Car Documnets - Booklets Etc.

    Picked up a 200T last weekend and I'm unsure if I'm missing a book/manual or something. I've got the red one which is basically the Driver's Manual, a white one for the GT/EDC and one for the alarm. There isn't one explaining service intervals and what needs doing at services. Should there be...
  11. lewisflintham

    200 EDC creaking from the rear

    Hi guys and girls. Just picked up a 200T at the weekend. I've noticed a creak from the rear when you go over speed bumps, or down a cambered junction or multi-storey car park etc. I've got it booked in, but wondered if anyone else had this, so I can point them in the right direction...
  12. lewisflintham

    Racing Blue 197 Alfreton

    Spotted this morning turning up towards Tesco at about 8:05. 08 plate.
  13. lewisflintham

    Tesco, Alfreton. Black 197. **** BEC

    Spotted on new year's day I think. I've seen it a few times out and about. I think it's X200 BEC or something similar. I assume it's a girl's named Rebecca! (detective work at its best!) ;)
  14. lewisflintham

    squeak from front near side

    My car's developed a very high pitched squeal/squeak from the near side front wheel. It doesn't do it all the time though. It happens at about 30mph and when you turn very slightly right. It's not the very loud ball joint noise as that was changed several months ago. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. lewisflintham

    GW '09 plate 200 A61 Clay Cross

    Spotted at the traffic lights this morning at 8:15. Anyone?
  16. lewisflintham

    How to change front coil spring

    Car's just failed it's m.o.t on a broken front spring. I've ordered a new one. Anyone know how hard of a job the fitting is? I've got the day off on Friday to get it sorted with my dad. Any tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  17. lewisflintham

    Rear brake pad change query - not touching all disc

    Hi guys and girls. I've changed my rear brake pads and it all went well and they seem to work much better as the old pads were corroded to the retaining clips. I've noticed that on one side the inside line of the disc is still rusty for about 10 mm all the way around. The other side is about...
  18. lewisflintham

    60 Plate Gordini 200, Clay Cross

    Spotted just in to Clay Cross after the traffic light crossroads with Thanet St. I was queuing in traffic and flashed you. Anyone?
  19. lewisflintham

    Fernandez, near Derby cathedral

    My wife who I've thoroughly brainwashed regarding cars, rung me on her lunch today to say I've just seen that Clio 200 you were showing me on the potm competition the other day with the Clio Do U number Plate. I've still never spotted you though!
  20. lewisflintham

    Vote Jan 2014 not coming up as a search result?

    Unless I'm trying something wrong, you can't search for the Jan potm vote thread. You have to either go on the potm section on the forum or type potm and get the link from the chat thread. That's what happens for me anyway.