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  1. Gus

    Red 200 wokingham

    Spotted this morning on my way to work. Hope you weren't hurt in the crash.
  2. Gus

    subframe removal - how to unbolt steering rack

    Hi guys. Just wondered if anyone has a PDF of the Mk4 workshop manual? Im going to be replacing the subframe that has the wishbones attached to it. Has anyone done this or got any tips for how to approach it. My thinking is unbolt the steering rack then drop the subframe. I had a really...
  3. Gus

    Retrofit outside temperature to a 200Cup

    Ive got a 200 Cup and its a bit annoying there is no temperature display. Has anyone tried to retrofit the thermometer in the mirror? Is it a case of fitting it and the temperature will automatically display on the middle console? Surely someone has changed mirrors on a cup to painted ones and...
  4. Gus

    Beanie Sport

    Im taking my car to Beanie Sport soon. Im having my ball joints sorted out so will be a mornings work. For those that use Beanie sport, what is there to do whilst waiting. Im wondering If I should head over to Milton keynes and do an hours skiing or go to the shopping center. Is there a...
  5. Gus

    Car shows

    Whos going to what car shows? This summer im going to a few: Spring action Day at Castle Combe French car show - donnington raceway Cliosport Festival - Blyton Origine RS - not sure where this is yet. Trax - Silverstone.
  6. Gus

    removing the gloss black parts on front bumper of a 200

    Im tempted to respray the black parts on my front bumper and wondered of they are easy to remove to make spraying easier ?
  7. Gus

    CSF Clio Sport Festival track time

    If you are thinking of doing track time this year its worth getting it booked asap. Slots are running out so dont hang around. Blyton is perfectly suited to Clios and is especially good for people who aren't experienced or want to try track driving with minimum risk. There is plenty of run off...
  8. Gus

    Spring Action Day

    Went to spring action day today at Castle combe. Weather was glorious and am now more res than a lobster. There were a good few 197 and 200's. Brilliant day out. Found a nice rape seed field on the way home so slammed the brakes on and pulled in for some pictures.
  9. Gus

    What is this?

    Anyone know if this is something you can buy and where from. Im thinking it could be DIY but not sure @Mossy - your car so tagging you in.
  10. Gus

    Clio 200 mpg

    I have had my AG Clio 200 for a couple of weeks now. The first tank of Vpower was used up in one go getting from Scotland all the way to Oxford. I filled up a week ago with my usual Vpower and thought I would see hat sort of MPG I could get. I usually drive very quickly but for this tank...
  11. Gus

    Help with stalk control CTSRN007.2

    I have a 59 plate clio 200. I wanted to put my Alpine CDE178BT stereo back in and utilise stalk control for volume and skipping tracks etc. I bought CTSRN007.2 as well as the Alpine patch lead. I went out today in the freezing drizzle to take out the old kenwood headunit out and put the alpine...
  12. Gus

    Can I use 225/45/R17 tyres

    I have a Clio 200 with 17" speedline wheels: The car has been lowered slightly on bilsteins Im wanting to buy some Michelin PS4 tyres. Has anyone tried 225 width?
  13. Gus

    No outdoor temperature on the LCD display

    I have a 200 cup, on the dashboard LCD display where the clock is, there isnt an outdoor temperature on the display. I do have an aftermarket headunit, could this be why or is it a "cup" thing?
  14. Gus

    Clio 200 cup speakers

    Im going to be installing an Alpine BT178cde stereo as I have this in my other cars. The quality and ease of use is pretty unbeatable. I have a few questions as I havent actually picked my 200 up yet. -Are there speakers in the back of a cup. -what size speakers are used in a 200 -Is it...
  15. Gus


    Hi im Gus. Some may know me from Just joined as I have bought a lovely 200.