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  1. mingernick

    When you fall out of love with the clio....

    Isn't the next Clio RS a 1.6 Turbo? - EVO - Should be a good, strong & focused engine to match the chassis(as we have been longing for) ... with further tuning potential? !!!:thumbup:
  2. mingernick

    Top gear June 26th

    Its Top Gear... they like to be provocative... how many pages have they created on this site? The Mag says the Clio is a top car... The Evo video on the tube of the CS3 says that the Clio is best. There is a good 2 part German vid on Youtube comparing the Fiat with the Twingo & the...
  3. mingernick

    C.C. Racing

    Find a nice curvey road... Set the Cruse Control... & set you feet on the floor. And see if you & the car have the tallent & chasis to get to the end...
  4. mingernick

    Xenon Auto level. On going.

    Sorry about locked photos... I ended up going to the dealers... was the rear sensor... Cost me less than getting it diagnosed & fixing myself. Lookers, Chelmsford... Not all dealers are Stealers!
  5. mingernick

    March 2011 VOTE!

    My Fave... Black Panther. Nice car, Nice pic, nice location.
  6. mingernick

    A positive dealer experience!

    I had booked my 197 in for diagnostics for the Xenon lights not leveling... Quoted £47 to diagnose. I had looked at both, Front & rear sensors myself and as they both looked fine i.e. no broken arms... I needed a proper diagnosis b4 I bought the wrong one. I can fit it myself. After 1/2 an...
  7. mingernick

    Xenon Auto level. On going.

    A re-occuring post but never seem to see solution... My lights started off being too high, but are now too low... which is better as I can drive at night without blinding people! Previous threads that I searched seemed to dispute wether there were one or two sensors... After a lot of...
  8. mingernick

    Stooopid Xenons

    exactly the same as mine are doing...
  9. mingernick

    Stooopid Xenons

    I haven't found the one on the front yet, not looked properly no ramps... but there is definately one on the back passanger side. I'm guessing it is my front one that is wrong cos the rear one looks fine.
  10. mingernick

    VXR lovlyness

    Which button makes the VXR better at going around corners? It is an american/ Essex boy Hotrod! Drag strips & trafficlights! ... Its a vauxhall!
  11. mingernick

    RS Clio 200 Gordini - Center Box Removed Vid - Pg.25

    Sorry, didn't mean to offfend you Deako. Remove if you like, but they are realistic opinions. The 200 has a better engine & chassis than the 197 but it is generaly agreed that the cosmetic updates are poor! Sorry if you diagree... I love my 197, & have no intention of buying another...
  12. mingernick

    Photos of the month.

    They are not my own pics... obviously... But I like my photography & had a go @ making the great Potm pics look a bit better. I am near Burnham on Crouch.
  13. mingernick

    Photos of the month.

    I got bored and decided to re - compose a few of the great winning pics in the POTM. They are all great pics to start with... I just felt that a better composition would make them look better... focus on the subject... Shows origional & then re composition...
  14. mingernick

    Definitive list of must have cleaning products.

    I'm old skool & a lazy bu9ger... Personaly, I pressure wash to get most of the grit off. Use AutoGlym shampoo conditioner with two buckets & a microfibre to give it a good clean. Then AutoGlym Aquawax to finish off. No need to dry off... also means no drip stains to polish out. A...
  15. mingernick

    Alpha GTA?

    Adrian, that was the pic I was trying to post... A bit Seat Leon... But it was nice! It didn't seem so bug eyed as the Mito generally is from the front & back! Any way... aren't Clio Sports great! ... if they had enough power & torque to match the quality of the chassis!
  16. mingernick

    Alpha GTA?

    my links didn't work... Was what I was going to say... The Mito just looks so crap from the front... well generally really, but this did look quite nice. Oh I dunno... may be it was VBH taking a world exlusive out out for a test run... And I chose to totally ignor her! Damm!
  17. mingernick

    Alpha GTA?

    Like this... javascript:openpicwindow('') But not like this... javascript:openpicwindow('')
  18. mingernick

    Alpha GTA?

    Thanks Mike... (just googled 147 gta) No, sure it wasnt one of them... was in a pearlesent white though... did look nice... definately a brand new car... may be some one just added some badges along with the number plate?
  19. mingernick

    Alpha GTA?

    I am no car nut, esp. the ins & outs of ones that I can't afford, but... I was driving up the A12 today and saw this small Alpha in the layby near Witham... to be honest, most Alphas look the same to me but it was bout Clio size so i'm guessin it was a Mitto... sure it was only 2 door. As...
  20. mingernick

    Gearbox Advice.

    My gearbox seems to work fine now... Though I am thinking of selling... not enough power/torque for me... It handles like a dream... they should have put a turbo on to match the chassis... I guess it's down to marketing & insurance etc! May be should have done a Turbo as well as the Cup...