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    Cup or not

    Ok, ordered a set of cup springs on ebay. I also have a bottom arm with new ball joint and bushes to fit but wonder should I do the other joints on that side too as its banging badly but not sure if thats just the spring
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    Cup or not

    My wife`s 2008 197 has a broken front spring and I am trying to identify if it is a cup or not to replace all four as it sits far too low and very crashy on unknown aftermarket springs. It has a boot spoiler and red Brembo calipers, am I right in saying this suggests it is a cup? Is there any...
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    Loss of power - 2008 197

    Just to close the thread it was indeed the pre cat lambda. I had a mare trying to get it and had 3 wrong ones delivered before the local motor factor saved the day. The dealer had 3 day wait for part and wanted £
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    Loss of power - 2008 197

    Anyone got any ideas as im stumped and dont want to just throw parts at it?
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    Loss of power - 2008 197

    Also I should have said that the eml is not on but did illuminate briefly last week. Any ideas?
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    Clio 197 steering issues?

    Jack it up and check for play at the front its the only way to confirm for sure. If you arent handy that way take it to someone local who could have a look and diagnose. The ball joint comes as a complete carrier unit from Renault but there are many selling the seperate joints now that are...
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    Heater blower stopped working, any suggestions?

    In mine the connections on the plug to the resistor had overheated causing intermittent connection. Drop the glove box and look at the plug. Even wiggling the plug would fix it temporarily. You can see the heat damage due to high resistance in turkie172 earlier image
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    Seat removal

    Assuming they are not rounded use a long extension. One of mine chewed as wasnt straight so had to use a sharp chisel to crack it. They are very soft and damage easily. Just push the soft seat overhang aside
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    Reverse lights - switch checked

    I would check with a simple test lamp or meter whether you are getting power at the switch and work back to the bulb holder
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    Tyres and winter.

    Yes, cheapo ditchfinders may seem like a bargain when cash is tight but not worth the hassle. I also used to buy part worn brands like michelin etc but my missus wrote of her jcw mini a couple of months ago and it was a michelin tyre on the rear that gave way on a bend. It transpires that the...
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    Any Black Friday Deals?

    Usually find Camskill to be best on tyre pricing
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    Engine mount guidance- help the newbie

    Yes that is also a possibility, but I discounted it after reading that there was no movement in the torque arm bush when he observed it in trying to recreate a hill start.
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    Engine mount guidance- help the newbie

    its the lower mount under the car, buy the polybush insert. Remove the two bolts and the mount will slide out. Insert the inserts and refit. It is straight forward and will probably save the life of your exhaust.
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    Bent rear axle?

    No, It was just very unstable when cornering. Also you could see that one of the rear wheels was well in at the top. I laid out the old axle on top of the replacement and both looked to be the same, however when some measurements were taken from fixed points on the beam there was a 25mm...
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    Bent rear axle?

    The difference is night and day. The car was previously very unstable as the geometry was miles out. That said it still isn't perfect as I need to replace one of the lower swivel joints before getting the front wheel alignment sorted, but the rear beam was badly bent and drived a lot better now.
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    Would it compress into a pdf document?
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    Tyre choice

    I always find Camskill have great prices
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    Exhaust tips ?

    Do you have a link?
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    Some tyre questions

    The car came as standard with 215 45 17 tyres. The main reason people fit 225 45 17 is that they are generally cheaper. The tyres themselves will have very little physical size difference, infact the 215s will have a slightly lower profile over the 225s. I doubt very much that any of us on...
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    hub ball joint f**Ked!!

    Thanks, I had a look at guide and all seems relatively straight forward apart from the chocolate bolts Renault used. I have had a look and it just seems to be the lower joint that is gubbed, I just cant decide whether to go for the joint itself or the refurbished carrier which may mean buying a...