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    Rusted Subframe Replacement?

    Hi guys, My front subframe is rusted to bits and needs replacing. There's a few going for sale online, but I wanted to know if the 197 subframe is the same as the standard Clio? Thanks.
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    Exhaust Hole?

    Had the windows down today going through a built up area and as I accelerated up around 2500-3000 rpm I could hear what sounds like a hole in the exhaust somewhere. While idling the engine sounds fine and even if I rev the engine while stationery all sounds well. Its just when I'm on the move...
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    Check Emissions & Engine Light

    Hey guys, The other day the 'Service Due' light came on at 46560k and I thought it was a bit strange. I looked up how to turn it off and followed the steps but nothing would turn it off. So I left it. Today, the Engine light came on and the 'Check Emissions' warning displayed too. On the drive...
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    'Stretching' sound when turning right slowly

    Hi guys, I'm getting kind of a stretching sound (its hard to explain) when turning right slowly, ie turning in to a parking space reasonably slowly. Its like something's being pulled that doesn't want to be. I had both springs replaced last year and both look fine. Definitely not tyres rubbing...
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    How Long Should Air Con last?

    I had the air-con re-gassed last summer, I keep it on pretty much the whole time. Done about 8000 miles in that time. When I flip the A/C switch on now I can hear it almost gasping for gas but little to nothing comes out. Does that sound like its just empty and time for a re-gas to do you think...
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    Vertical Drop Links?

    Hi guys, I recently replaced the smaller horizontal drop links on my 197 and need to do the longer vertical ones now. Does anyone know the name of the part, or even better, find one on eBay for me like last time? Cheers, Rob
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    Radio Doesn't Switch Off Until I Open The Door?

    Hi guys, This is something that has kinda bugged me for a while. When pulling in to my driveway, I turn off the ignition via the button but the radio/cd player continues to play until I open the door to get out. If the key-fob is still in the slot it continues to play even after I've opened the...
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    A Nice Day To Wash The 197

    Gotta love when she's all cleaned and shiny :)
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    Anyone else find the 197 steering too light?

    A little controversial this one. First off, I love my 197. Its loadsa fun and probably my fav of all the hot hatchbacks I've owned, but one thing that bugs me about its handling is the steering - I find it too light. I first started driving hot hatches in 1994 with a Peugeot 106 XSI which had...
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    Flat Spot Worse Than Normal

    Hi guys Over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed the dreaded flat spot on my 197 has got worse around the 2-3k rpm. It feels like I'm driving a 1 litre Clio. It could also be my imagination, but I don't think so. I just feel like I have to thrash the engine a lot more to get decent speed out...
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    Front Suspension Noise At Very Slow Speed - 197

    I have a noise coming from my front (right) suspension when I move off slowly in first gear or reverse out my drive. It sounds like an old rusty spring stretching and contracting. However, I had the front springs replaced and the noise disappeared for a few days but its slowly come back and is...
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    Upgrade to better standard Head Unit

    Hey guys, My 197 has a bog standard CD player which I'd like to upgrade. I don't want to get an after market headunit as I don't like the look so I'm looking at upgrading to a better standard Renault system. I know some 197s have an MP3 compatible CD player like the one in the pic (not from a...