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  1. Williamspaul

    1/4 mile times ?

    any body got any decent times i havent been ables to break into the thirteens yet im 100% confident i will next time i go i will with some stickier tyres ?
  2. Williamspaul

    megane rad megane fan ?

    ive recently fitted a megane rad and fan to my car has anyone else done this I thought it was the obvious choice as it fits I know of at least one person who used the clio fan anybody had any issues with running the meg fan i.e it spinning the wrong way etc ill be very grateful for any info/advice
  3. Williamspaul

    getting hot

    right guys I'm getting pretty hot in my engine bay at least the dash says I am not over heating but still getting hot I'm running a megane rad and fan cuts in seems the faster I go the hotter it gets no way I could do a track day what soloutions have people found ?
  4. Williamspaul

    guide section ?

    is there a guide section how do i find it? and can i upload a guide ?
  5. Williamspaul

    fuel pump

    after converting a 197/200 to 225 engine its clear the standard fuel pump is up to the job but at what point do you need to upgreade ? 300 bhp 320? 340? etc
  6. Williamspaul

    megane rad ?

    i converted my 197 to turbo a few years ago ive had no trouble with cooling so far however i plan to get it on track and run some serious power through it by chance ive gained a megane radiator for free so what do i need to do to fit it or does it fit in with no extra work ? im running sc auto...
  7. Williamspaul

    big power clios ?

    is there any big power clios on here obviously boosted can someone point me in the right direction to there progress/build thread ?
  8. Williamspaul

    any body forged thier meg engined 197/200

    has anybody forged thier meg engined 197/200?im contemplating doing mine
  9. Williamspaul

    reverse switch

    so i have a 197 with a megane f4rt and gearbox fitted but the reverse lights dont work the reverse switch i think is different as the wiring dont match :( what have people done to get round this fit a 197 switch ?
  10. Williamspaul

    dump valve ?

    i want to get alot of waste gate chatter noise from my meg converted 197 to achive this can i remove the original dump valve and fit a blanking plate ? will there be any side affects draw backs by doing this ?
  11. Williamspaul

    What's the most power you can put through stock pistons and rods

    I'm about to pull my engine back out for a new flywheel clutch gear box etc At the same time I'm going to put some arp bolts in the conrods what sort of power will this be able to handle I've heard people quoting figures of 320bhp anyone got any experience of this ? Also what hat would I need...
  12. Williamspaul

    Width offset

    Rather tempted by these but I'm not sure on the OCD offset and width I need or should get if I get a slightly different offset surely they should fill the arches better ? Any advice ...
  13. Williamspaul

    Coolant pipes

    Can anyone tell me exactly witch megane coolant pipes I need for the f4rt into 197 conversion as I'm missing a few and I don't have a donor car to work from
  14. Williamspaul

    Header tanks

    I've seen alot of people useing a few different header tanks I suppose I'm asking witch ones best if there is such thing lol or witch do people recommend I would guess the simpler design the better any ideas thanks paul
  15. Williamspaul

    Drive shafts ?

    I read somewhere when fitting a megane engine and more importantly the gearbox into a Clio you have to use the megane drive shafts to allow you to run the box is this right I find that a bit strange as surely the megane shafts are longer ! If that's the case I think mine will be be going in...
  16. Williamspaul


    My mate has a 197 and wants to replace the manifold for one that'll give him some power I'm guessing you have to drop the subframe to fit it also witch one should he get many thanks
  17. Williamspaul


    What are you using what's good what's not and what did you pay I've seen a lot of people using ste's set up and looks really good I quite fancy it myself but I think I may have f**ked up by already buying ktec's boost pipe kit for £180 has anyone had any experience with Ktec's intercooler seems...
  18. Williamspaul

    Expensive forged Nimbus Turbo !

    I was forced to buy this car a few months ago after my 172 blew up and caught fire on the m3 I've planned to have a turbo 197 since I was about 17 I actually brought most of the parts including engine box de cat down pipe loom gear box and linkages k tec boost pipe kit before I brought the car...
  19. Williamspaul

    Engine mount mod ?

    I read somewhere I think it was k tec website that to fit the megane gearbox into a Clio that you have to modifiy the engine mount has anyone got any details on this ? many thanks paul
  20. Williamspaul


    I know it's probably been covered so many time but I'm new so got to ask I'm doing a meg conversion on my car I've got everything I need apart from an ecu and haven't made my mind up on what gear box to use I have : a 225 gearbox roughly 40,000 miles on it and gear linkages a 197 box with...