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    Previous 200 owner looking to join the club again.

    Hi everyone, owned a Clio 200 FF back in 2011. Looking to join the club again. Here is the thing I want a grey raider under 40k mileage. I know it will be pricey but can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction.
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    Old memories, regrets? Maybe, maybe not?

    So I sold my GW Clio 200 in June this year, The recently found out that she was writen off :bored: quite upset when i found out. Replaced the clio with Focus :st:wanted something more comfortable as i was doing more miles for work. Took delivery in June, really nice car, brilliant...
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    Sorry to be leaving

    Well its been 21 months since I bought my clio 200 but now its time to move on I have enjoyed the car so much and will be very sad to see her go. I have started to do more miles commuting to work and the clio just isnt practical enough. So i have thought long and hard about what to get next...
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    Just had an email, sale in renault uk parts.,b.html thats the link if anyone is interested.
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    Can you get a front splitter for a 200?

    I have been told that the splitter for the 197 doesnt fit on the 200? true false? if true is there one to fit a 200?
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    Ly yellow 11 plater 200 in st helens.

    Asda round about in st helens on thursday, defo had. 197/ sticker on. very clean! About 4pm
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    Anybody know if I can get a cheaper one of these? Rip off city! But I don't really like the current gear knob :\ Anyone know if I can get the same for any cheaper?
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    My story since passing my test July 2009.

    Don't really know how popular this will be but its generally an interesting story. I have been lucky enough to have a brand new car for my first car, so 2 weeks before my 17th birthday my car arrived in the ford garage ready to pick up. This was when i first layer eyes on her. Uploaded...
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    Fresh Pics After Tints and Stereo

    By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By andyrob92 at 2012-01-12 By...
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    Matt Clio 200 Raider Local Arnold Clark

    Took my car in today to get something sorted under warranty and this beast was in there, personally i like the matt grey better. There are only 50 red and 50 grey being made. Differences, all black leather recaros, grey rev counter instead of yellow, different gear nob (i asked if they could...
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    Price on Carbon wrapping all black gloss on 200?

    Anyone had this done? how much did you pay? are you happy with the finish? and do stone chips affect it?
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    need help.

    went to change a busted bulb on the rear number plate, little did i know its not a standard bulb, anyone know where i can get and LED light to fit?
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    Anyone got 12k lying round?
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    Rubbish radio reception!

    Anyone got any tips on getting a better radio reception?
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    Few Changes To Be Made This Week

    Windows are getting tinted tomorrow morning (xmas pressie off the Mrs) and new stereo getting fitted on thursday! (xmas pressie from the parents) along with xbox360/ps3 not decided yet. pics will be uploaded tomorrow cant...
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    few pics after a good clean.

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    Squeaky brakes

    Had my clio 2-3 months now and my brakes are very squeaky been like this since i bought it, doesnt affect performance but its getting on me tits! Dont just want to buy new pads then havto replace disks aswel. Its only covered 16K cant imagine i would need new disks after such little mileage any...
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    found this on piston heads absolute bargain
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    Ordered 2 new Continental sport 5's today :D

    Very close to getting 3 points per tyre today apparently my front 2 tyres were more worn than i thought. Straight down to my tyre man he tells me there are new conti 5's out £132 per corner rather steep but with the cold weather drawing in better to be safe than sorry.
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    New Stereo without looking cheap.

    Thinking of buying a new stereo for my 200 but i really don't want to make the car look cheap, really could do with a sat nav and bluetooth aswel. I have seen 2.