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  1. Jack Maxwell

    AP racing brake kit

    So who's going to go for them first? Probably overkill but good looking! Would be nice if someone came up with a way of getting a monoblock calliper on the rear...
  2. Jack Maxwell

    Megane trophy PCP

    Was just looking a cars as always and decided to plug a second hand Megane trophy with 3200 miles on the clock into my banks PCP calculator. Pretty amazed with the outcome. So 3k down and its £64.77 a month! Yes the final balloon is high but you just hand it back with nothing to pay. Very...
  3. Jack Maxwell

    Cup Racer chassis set up document

    Just found this document for setting up the cup racer chassis and brakes with loads of good information. Might be of use to some people and maybe worth a sticky?
  4. Jack Maxwell

    ARB droplinks

    Car has a set of AST coilovers on it now so riding lower. Heard good things about fitting adjustable drop links once lowered. Anybody got any guides on fitting and adjusting to remove any preload? Doesn't seem to be much on here about them.
  5. Jack Maxwell

    KW Clubsport

    Anyone know where to get good deals on a set of KW clubsports? I know there is normally black Fridays deals but needing before October.
  6. Jack Maxwell

    Dephaser failing

    So the car isn't running right and its causing me to fall out of love with it. Low down it feels strong and sounds fine but when I'm higher up in the revs, over 4.5k, it feels very gutless not very smooth and also get some horrible engine noises. I'm thinking this could be the dephaser going...
  7. Jack Maxwell

    Engine issues

    So a wee while ago I was getting bad issues with the car throwing random/multiple misfires at me. It turns out after trying coil packs, sparks and eventually a new lambda that it was the lambda throwing the fuelling completely out as it was giving out 0v flat under full throttle. Now ever since...
  8. Jack Maxwell


    Car has been running very lumpy the past few days and down on power. VVT doesn’t kick in until 5k. Engine light has blipped in once. Ran an OB2 scam and got P0300 and P0313. Both misfire warnings What is my best thing to try first. Coilpack, spark plugs or lambda? Cheers Jack
  9. Jack Maxwell

    People with KTR induction kits

    I'm wanting to replace my Foam section of the KTR induction kit with a K&N air filter. The problem is i'm offshore and will be for the next 2 weeks so can't measure anything. If anybody knows the dimensions of the filter that would be greatly appreciated so I can get it ordered. Need to choose...
  10. Jack Maxwell

    To buy a Quaife or not

    Gearbox is getting dropped out in a couple weeks to fit a new slave and clutch. Deciding whether to buy a quaife or not. Talk me into it or out of it.
  11. Jack Maxwell

    Part numbers

    I know there is a sticky above with part numbers but whilst trying to find some I came across this very helpful site which lists all part numbers with diagrams ( ) The only issue is once you select CLIO III im not 100% sure which number you choose...
  12. Jack Maxwell

    Engine bay squeak

    Hi, The car has started a squeak, its only when idling. I've tried squirting some water on the drivebelt but the noise remains. I'm going to replace the drivebelt tomorrow and see if it goes. If it doesn't what else could the problem be? Im in the middle of uploading a video of the noise to show
  13. Jack Maxwell

    Adjustable top mount access

    Looking at getting some KW clubsports in the near future. Was wondering if anybody has fitted them with the new style top mounts size and what the access is like for adjusting the damping/compression as well as adjusting the camber via the top mounts once it is all fitted?
  14. Jack Maxwell

    Brakes overheating

    Was over at the Nurburgring a number of months back putting the car through its paces. One problem I had was that by the time I got too Adenua bridge, about one third round, the brakes developed very bad wobble through the steering wheel and bulkhead under braking. I straight away though I had...
  15. Jack Maxwell

    Carbon bitties

    Anyone got any of the carbon wing tips? The wing tips on my clio are pretty shoddy and have a badly finished rough edge to them. Was just wondering if anyone knew if carbon wing tips could still be found like the ones linked...
  16. Jack Maxwell

    Pre cat rattle

    Pre cat seems to be rattling on start up and until it warms up. Anyone else had this issue?
  17. Jack Maxwell

    Silverstone Edition 200 - AST 5100

    Hi, Had the car for just over a year now and thought i'd share it. Got the car from K-tec racing with only 16k on the clock. I had them do a few things before collection. They fitted and Akrapovic Evo, Indcution kit, remap, short shifter, cup wing and a re-trimmed wheel. Drove down from...
  18. Jack Maxwell

    Seatbelt jamming

    My seat belt is being a pain. Some days, seems to be sunny days mainly :think:, the seat belt only pulls a few inches at a time then locks no matter how slowly I pull it. Can sometimes take a couple minutes just to get my belt on! Anyone else had this problem?
  19. Jack Maxwell

    How to add for sale add

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my 200 Silverstone edition (No.1 of 50). What privileges do I need to post in the for sale thread? Thanks, Jack