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    Recaro swap?

    Recaro are heavy as we all knows, ( Mine are in excellent condition, no tears etc.)and am still looking for lightweight buckets. Anyone got anything suitable to swap, p/x? These are far too heavy to post, so would need to meet/swap over. Tried to load pictures, but keeps coming up with, error...
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    Anyone removed a complete car wrap?. Thanks.
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    iCarsoft 907 diagnostic tool

    Anyone know how to change the language, as its in French!?.
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    Rad Fan Fuse

    Anyone know which is the rad fan fuse and which Relay it is?. Many thanks.
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    Rear seatbelt removal.

    Has anyone removed the rear belts?. I am having trouble, trying to remove the rear side panels, to get at the seat belts. Many thanks.
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    I am tempted to drill holes where the number plate is, then remove number plate when on track. Car is fine on road, but track might be another matter. I am trying to prempt problems at Oulton, on the 24th of this month. Decisions decisions.
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    197: Litchys Shed.

    Can any of Litchys friends ,or people who have his Email, ask him if the belts were done. Don't need a receipt, just a yes or no. Many thanks.
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    Bloody Mac Sierra!.

    I had both the Mac mini, and MacBook Pro,brick themselves, due to software update, so took them to Inverness for repair, 108 miles there,108miles back. Returned two days later to collect, same again. SO, 432 miles for Apple repairs!.While its wonderful living in the wilds of Scotland, it does...
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    Change it?!!.

    I don't know whether this had ever been changed!. It has now!!.
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    Cargo Net Daughter in law, made me the cargo net. Its even stitched in yellow to match the car!!. Clever girl. The price of something like this on eBay is ridiculous.
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    IF this works, its only taken me 4 days to do!!.
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    Scuttle Drain AGAIN!.

    Yes folks, its that time of the year again, and many many thanks for the "How To"section.Dead easy job to carry out,made easier by small puller for the wipers.For the people that take the time do the "How To" sections, it really is appreciated.
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    197: Motorsport Seats in Scotland

    Hi Guys, as above. I want to remove the Recaros in my 197, for some lighter seats. Is there anywhere in Scotland, that stocks a range of seats?. Many thanks.
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    Litchys shed.

    I now own it, I purchased from Glen 3, who did a fair bit of work on it. Recaros, refurbed,now look like new.( Anyone want to swap recaros,for lighter buckets?.) Removed the rear seats, new rear carpet installed. Lots of small jobs done. Roll on next year for track days.I am now selling my R26...
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    Clio with Megane 250 Engine/box.

    As above. I fancy a change. I have a R26R.
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    clio silverstone no 1

    Hi guys and girls,looking at the silverstone no 1.Anyone know anything about this car?.Its a 2011,with 7800 miles. Iam changing from a corsa vxr 2011,to a renault,because i had a trackday with my son in his megane. WOW!.