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  1. littleg78

    Wheel Alignment in Fife

    Can anyone recommend a good independent garage in the Fife area to have a full 4 wheel alignment?
  2. littleg78

    Best tyre combination?

    Looking to buy two sets of tyres that will cover dry, damp and wet trackdays. Just starting out so not chasing lap times or anything… just looking for something on the cheaper end of the spectrum that will hold up better than road tyres on track. Both sets might be used to drive to/from track...
  3. littleg78

    What’s going on with my front bumper?!?

    Washed the car yesterday - and noticed that finish on my front bumper (where it meets the bonnet) looks awful! First time I’ve noticed it - it’s kind of hazy, guessing previous owner did something crazy! Anything I can do to fix myself, or time to call in a professional? PS - debadged the...
  4. littleg78

    Time for new calipers?

    Rear brakes started sticking on after car had been sitting for a few days so I followed How To guide to take callipers apart, clean and reassemble. Good news is handbrake cables look good. Bad news is paint’s flaking off all over the place! What are my options... will they be ok for a while...
  5. littleg78

    Added some Carbon bits

    Added some Carbon Fibre bits to the car - freshened up some dull spots, and happy with the result. ktec ends for the spoiler were an expensive way to replace the rusty screw heads! Supreme motorsport handle covers (dipped) - Good finish, and I don’t miss the buttons, but might end up...
  6. littleg78

    Any idea what this noise is?!?

    Started getting this noise from the engine on cold mornings - just wondering if anyone can tell me how expensive it sounds!?! Thanks!
  7. littleg78

    I don't know where this is going to end up...

    Finally creating a progress thread to keep track of the changes to my car. It’s a full fat 200 with cup pack and spoiler, and was pretty nice when I got my hands on it - 2012, one owner, 75000 miles, full main dealer history with belts done in 2018… and no mods! Since then… June 2019 -...
  8. littleg78

    Alright - own up! Who was this?

  9. littleg78

    200: Gurgling water noise behind dash

    I’ve heard a gurgling water noise from behind the centre console of the dash, when I start the engine, for as long as I can remember (probably since I bought it) - read the forums about scuttle drains and bleeding air bubbles from cooling system so finally had a proper look yesterday. Good...
  10. littleg78

    Ultraleggera (17x8, ET55) tyre size

    I’ve a set of Ultraleggera’s arriving this week, and thinking about tyres. I can either re-use the 215/45’s I’ve already got, or buy something wider. Just wondering what forum members would recommend, and if any rubbing issues with 225 or 235 sizes? Thanks!
  11. littleg78

    Two Techs (Dartford)

    Just had a new clutch and slave cylinder fitted to my 200 by Two Techs. They're bona fide RenaultSport experts and enthusiasts, and I can't recommend their services enough. I'll definitely be going back to them for a suspension refresh in the Spring. Great service and super prices - they...
  12. littleg78

    Diesel for short journeys?!?

    Currently using my RS200 to run to and from train station every day, and although it's a fun 1.2 miles each way, the large doors and recaro seats combination makes it a pain to get in and out in tight parking spaces - I'm becoming quite the contortionist. My other car is a 3.0 diesel, and far...
  13. littleg78

    Eibach Pro System 7 Spacers

    Hi All, I bought some 20mm Eibach Pro Spacers for front and back. They're the System 7 type, which means they attach to the hub, then the wheels attach to the spacers. Anyway, they're supplied with bolts that secure the spacer to the hub, and I believe I "should" be able to use my current...
  14. littleg78

    Dodgy trackrod end?

    I thought my steering was a bit odd - following camber of road both ways - so had my wheel allignment checked and found this!!! The guys tightened it up, but a few weeks after and I'm getting that same weird steering feel again, so assuming it's loose again?!? Booked in for a new trackrod...
  15. littleg78

    Best way to remove hairline scratches from paintwork

    Looking for some advice about the best approach to remove lots of light scratches from passenger side of car please? The car has Nimbus paint, and best way to describe scratches is like someone drove into/past a prickly bush several times... scratches are very fine (but noticeable), there are...
  16. littleg78

    This site is an awesome resource

    I recently bought a 2012 RS 200, almost 8 years after selling my 197. Loving the car, and the how to guides on here have been super helpful. I've already swapped out interior & license plate bulbs for LEDs, blowing a couple of fuses in the process! Also changed headlights for projectors, which...