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  1. jase

    Albi R27 (reg= BIG ----)

    Who's is the Albi R27 on Irish plate "BIG ----".?
  2. jase

    Private Message regarding FaceBook group

    It has come to my attention that someone has been sending all members a pm regarding a Facebook group. i would like to express that this FB group is nothing to do with and we have an official Facebook group at
  3. jase

    197 lanyards

    Currently out of stock on the 197 lanyards. new ones are on order and should be mid August. sorry for any inconvenience. if you order a membership pack I'll put a pen in the pack instead of the lanyard if that's ok. will message people that buy packs to check anyways.
  4. jase

    New Moderator

    Would just like to welcome Ashton as a new addition to the team as a moderator.
  5. jase

    New meg site.?

    Anyone a paid member on the new megane rs site.? could you look to see if there are any recaro trendlines for sale please.
  6. jase

    Any changes.???

    Just want to ask ALL the members if there is ANYTHING that you feel could be done better/different on the site. is there anything you'd like to see or even that we could help with.
  7. jase

    FCS13 pic thread.

  8. jase

    The "get Roy back behind the wheel" fund ;) parade lap at fcs13

    You all know Roy and as alot of you may also know Roy has had a very rough time over the past couple of years. Roy has not been able to drive his 197 for well over a year now due to losing the use of his leg and also not been able to work due to this either, We would like to try and help Roy...
  9. jase

    Goodwood tickets competition

    Renault have very very kindly donated 2 tickets for the goodwood festival of speed on the weekend of 13-14th July. Renault will be showing their new cars including the 200T and the Twizzy F1. The competition will end at 12noon on Friday 5th. A simple question and the person closest wins...
  10. jase

    getting tracks off ipod.?

    is there any way at all of getting tracks off an ipod that is synced to another pc without having to re-sync and losing everything.?
  11. jase

    White 200 chesterfield

    White 200 with black roof and decals. At matalan chesterfield 3/3/13
  12. jase

    UPDATE: 2013 site calendars

    really really sorry they are a week or 2 late but im really pleased to say that the time has come to start collecting monies if you would like a 2013 site calendar. there are a limited number available so dont miss out and get in quick. prices are £8 delivered to a u.k. mainland address (for...
  13. jase

    2013 calendars

    UPDATE AT POST #18 Absolutely gutted to have to say we are pulling the plug on the 2013 site calendars as we have completely run out of time to get them produced and sent out before new year. I can't express enough how gutted I personally am. I'm so sorry to everyone but we will be back...
  14. jase

    evens halshaw are F***ing cowboys

    Rant Time.!!! absolutely steaming with anger at evens halshaw sheffield. evens halshaw renault sheffield have damaged my front bumper on their ramps while attempting to mot the car. they said they would repair it to a standard where that im happy with it, but today the have tried to do a...
  15. jase

    WoW.! Reflectology

    Big Big thanks to Russ today for all his hard work in sorting the paint work on the MegCC. After over 4 years of the previous owner washing the car with a scouring pad, the paint work was badly swirled. But not any more, not a swirl in sight and even got the odd RDS out. cant stop touching and...
  16. jase

    Laptop sensitivity

    Bought Felix a new cheapish laptop today for his homework. It's an acer running windows 7 Problem is the touch pad is way too sensitive, only have to move the curser across something and it clicks it. I know windows 7 has the thing where you hover over soething and it clicks/opens it but...
  17. jase

    sorry for my absense

    really sorry for my absence over the past month or so. got alot of personal **** going off at home on top of my grandad being in the Macmillan palliative care unit. i will make the extra effort to get on line more and am in the process of catching up with sending membership packs out.
  18. jase

    logo designer.?

    is there anyone out there that could create a new logo for me for something. i have an idea it just needs creating. thanks in advance.
  19. jase

    Transferring files to new laptop.?

    What's the quickest, best and easiest way to transfer all files from pc to new laptop.? Mainly... iTunes, Photos and a few word files. ???
  20. jase


    got £300ish to spend on a laptop(not a tablet) is this any good.? Asus X54H-SO 180V 15.6inch 500GB 4GB windows 7 £279.99 from