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  1. J

    Croft Circuit

    Hopefully I have got this in the right section! Where do people normally stay if they are at Croft Circuit? I will be there this weekend, but trying to find a local hotel with plenty of room for a van with a Clio on a trailer! Any recommendations? :) Jake
  2. J

    Sabelt Renaultsport steering wheel

    Fitted my Sabelt steering wheel to the 197 today, using a boss from K-Tec. But, the auto indicator cancellor keeps on clicking, when it's not meant to.(With the steering pointing forward, you only have to turn the wheel to the left or right slightly & it clicks) I thought I maybe had it in...
  3. J


    Hope I have got this in the right section! I'm sure that some of you on here have towed your Clio's on a trailer before. If so, what towing vehicle did you use? The only reason I ask, is for future planning as I want to get a new car this year, and keep the Clio too. But the new car must...
  4. J

    Sabelt Renaultsport Cup Racer Steering wheel

    As found here: Does anyone have the Renault part number for this please? Cheers, Jake
  5. J

    Spax RSX coilovers

    Looking at getting my coilovers soon (Hopefully in time for FCS!!) Just wondering what peoples thoughts on these are? Anyone on here owned a set? :) Jake
  6. J

    iPod lead for standard Renault headunit

    Hi chaps, I'm after a cable so that I can connect my iPod / phone to my standard Renault headunit. Think I've found the one, but I just want to check before I buy! I'm not fussed if I can't control the iPod via the steering collum controls etc...
  7. J

    Red 197, Devizes, Wiltshire

    56 plate, in red. Looked compltely standard. Saw it in Devizes, Wiltshire yesterday at about 7.30pm Anyone?
  8. J

    White 197, with red wheels etc..... Bristol

    Went to some sort of meet last night in Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) Saw a white 197 with a private plate, red speedlines and red stickers etc.... Pretty sure it was caged too. Anyone on here?
  9. J

    Rear brake pad change - HELP!

    Hi chaps. I'm midway through changing my rear brake pads, but I cannot get the pistons back in. Been trying for a good hour now, twisting them clockwise but they just will not budge! HELP PLEASE! Jake
  10. J

    Clio 197 front brake issue

    Hi chaps, sorry I don't come on here much! Basically, I have got an issue with the front brakes on my Clio. On both front calipers, one of the pads isn't coming onto the disc. One side of the caliper is working fine, however the other side doesn't appear to be working at all. Therefore, one...
  11. J

    Clio 200 diffuser

    Hi chaps. Picked up my 200 diffuser today, for my 197. Still waiting for the exhaust trims to come through though. For those of you in the know, can I fit the diffuser before I fit the trims? Or have I got to fit the trims before I fit the diffuser? Any help would be great :) Cheers, Jake...
  12. J

    Nimbus grey 197 :)

    Hi guys. Thought I would start my progress blog for my 197 :) Anyway, bought completely standard on the 8th March in p/x for my RS Twingo. I haven't really done much at all to it so far, but I've got a few plans for it before FCS so I'll update as and when I can. Anyway, here's a few...
  13. J

    Red 197 in Bath - Around 2pm today

    Spotted in Bath. I was in my Nimbus 197 and gave the good old thumbs up and got a approving nod back. Not much else to say really! :s lol. Anyone on here?
  14. J


    Hi guys! I'm Jake, 19 and from Melksham in Wiltshire. Anyway, I have owned my 197 for just over a week now. Always been a huge Renaultsport fan. Well, when I say always I mean since I started driving! Ha. I bought a RS Twingo 133 complete with the cup chasis etc brand new, back in December...