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    Headlights - New or Fixable?

    Get a pair of projectors they look much better or get a used pair of better ones from another Mk3 ph2 Clio in better shape. I did try and remove the lens from a damaged headlight and it was successful but you cant get replacement lenses and I was unsure how successful I would be sealing them up...
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    2000-2500 rpm flat spot engine sputter

    I've had a problem with the car I'm not sure if it will translate into Dutch but a hesitation or stutter and I knew it was not the normal car flat spot it would happen hot or cold. I bought the RS Tuner box from the Netherlands which showed while driving and when this happened indicated a short...
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    Electrical problems!

    The under bonnet switch might not be working correctly and when you lock the car the alarm should sound if you have left it open or not fully closed. The key fob battery is a CR2025 some people force a CR2032 battery in and stretch the key shell also the transmission coil in the key fob can...
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    Wiper issues!

    I fixed a wiper mechanism there are E-Clips that are hard to see holding the wiper arm posts in don't try to knock them out with a hammer you will break the castings.
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    Weird Left Turning

    The steering angle and speed affects the traction control and the amount of steering assistance given but your steering cant just go out what work has been done i.e.. rack, track rod ends etc.
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    Weird Left Turning

    Broken spring or lower ball joints (they feel when you turn in that you turned in a bit more) you could have a faulty electric power steering motor a sticking brake caliper can have an affect as well.
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    Removing Rear View Mirror

    The rain sensor has a gel in it between the sensor and the glass and looks clear you can buy the gel circle on eBay for about £10 - £15 Yes the rain sensor plug is extremely hard to remove lack of access and difficult to release.
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    Loss of power - which part to replace?

    cool thanks for letting people know
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    Diagnosing overfueling

    Over fuelling look at the spark plugs and see their condition if the car has any sort of fault that might not bring up an emission light the car can default to a rich condition for safety. I had a issue of stuttering as if a fuelling problem I bought one of the RS tunner's which can log and show...
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    Front springs & shocks

    The original shocks are KYB so no need to go genuine Renault KYB do kits as well a SKF
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    Front springs & shocks

    Just check your top mounts they can split and can make a knocking noise pulling away in traffic but can only be seen when the car is on the ground
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    Front springs & shocks

    Order the bump stop boots as well as they don't look right remember there are two types of setup large top mounts 197 and early 200 then the smaller top mount later Clio 200 and the shocks are different as well due to the spring diameters.
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    Front springs & shocks

    Your spring is broken the coils should look the same if they are genuine ones anyway the distance to the arch should be the same actually both spring might be broken they are very hard to spot especially if it is broken inside the cup part of the shock.
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    Yellow Dot Recaro's

    I'm going to stop with them on Monday I brought a couple of yellow dot covers over with me I dropped of 4 blue seat sets off on my way to Brands Hatch with them must be 4 weeks ago. Would there be any demand to get the original yellow and blue fabric remade I have found the Recaro blue fabric in...
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    Gday! Need help...

    Wheel bearings check them the drive shafts can give vibration I messed up changed the drivers side drive shaft and did not tighten up the drive shaft nut and did a couple of miles before I remembered I think I pulled the wheel bearing during cornering and damaged it. I have a spare bearing/wheel...
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    UPC Replacement Needed?

    That info is a 2008 197 with non Xenon headlights the how to section has more info on the UPC fuses and relays.
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    UPC Replacement Needed?

    If you have a 197 do you have cornering lights as there is a lighting computer on such a car, Also it could be the stalk that can be faulty the Renault Clip tool can indicate what you have selected with the stem controls Which would show that the stem controls are working.
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    Clio RS F1 won’t start

    There is quite a bit of electrical info in the How to section with regards fuses, relays for the power switching unit that controls the fuel pump you could find the wire and give it 12v directly to check pump function and connectivity.