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  1. suj

    Weird Left Turning

    I have a weird one on my car, if I turn right (so say I put an input of 20degs) it drives as it did previously, but if I do the same left, it feels like it is over-assisting / like it's turning way more! The faster you are driving the worse it is, like it throws you left! It was scary the first...
  2. suj

    Alternator Removal

    My car threw up "LOW BATTERY" on the way to supermarket, then when I headed back it died a few roads away, luckily I had jump leads and got some power to nurse it home. The battery is original from factory, so I tried charging it with my CTEK, it managed to recondition it, but I thought for £50...
  3. suj

    200: GW 60plate 200 - PureGym Longbridge

    I spotted you this morning when I was coming out the gym, GW with black speedlines, standard seats and on a 60plate reg. My NG 197 was a few cars next to yours, looked really nice and don't see many RSs round here.
  4. suj

    Radiator Support / Undertray Bolt Specs?

    Hi all, I just got a better condition radiator and I want to get new bolts for my Clio 197: Bolts for the bumper > radiator support Bolts for undertray > radiator support on front Bolts for undertray > radiator support legs I assume they're all the same bolt thread/pitch, does anyone know...
  5. suj

    Handbrake Cables - Non-OEM?

    Hi all, So I like to buy OEM where possible, but sometimes prices can be crazy or getting them quickly can be a pain. I noticed EuroCarParts sell Pagid cables, has anyone used them? Or any other suggestions for non-OEM that are good quality? Thanks in advance.
  6. suj

    Front Disc Retaining Bolt

    Hi all, Does anyone know the size / where I could get some front disc retaining bolts please? (No the discs I got didn't come with any weirdly). Thanks in advance.
  7. suj

    (Fixed) Misfire / Splutter / Strangled

    My 197 is playing up at specific conditions. * Pulling away, I need to add a lot more revs to pull away, or it feels like fuel cut / splutter / misfire, then when it passes that rev range it is fine again * If let's say you are in third gear and revs drop down to 1.8k and you put more then 30%...
  8. suj

    Injector O-Ring Size?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know the Injector O-Ring sizes? I am getting some ticking type noises from that area, so I want to investigate this weekend, but I want to plan ahead just in case it happens to be them (also might as well replace them while there if it is them). Thanks in advance.
  9. suj

    Possible Flexi / Manifold Blow?

    Last Weds I was coming back from Birmingham City Centre at 5.30pm (anyone who knows this time knows how bad the traffic is!), it was 30 degrees and I pulled over at the petrol station. When I got in I started the car with the door open and heard a noise, it sounded periodical, like rotational...
  10. suj

    Porsche 919 - Nürburgring Lap Record

    I did a quick search couldn't find anything on here, apologies if it's a duplication. So the lap record for the Ring was set by Stefan Bellof in 1983 in a Porsche 956 during qualifying. The lap he did was 6.11:13 Well then Porsche decided to take their 919 Hybrid Evo car which was run in WEC...
  11. suj

    Clio 197 Projectors + HIDs?

    So I have a pair of Projectors to put on my 197, I have never had HIDs as i've never had projector lenses, i've always had reflector types and I hate when people have them and it blinds the crap out of everyone. I am now maybe considering some, only for actual visibility as I drive 75miles a...
  12. suj

    New Special Edition Clio RS18

    Just seen this, looks like it is just a visual Special Edition, was hoping for more "powerrrrrrrr" (in voice of Jeremy Clarkson)
  13. suj

    Constant Thermostat Failures!

    So this is pissing me off now, as most of you know I do NOT cut corners, I have done everything properly, but it seems another thermostat is now overcooling again!!!!! In the following thread: I changed my thermostat as it was...
  14. suj

    Wishbone Balljoint?

    Can you get the ball joint that is in the wishbone separately? (Not the swivel joint, or the balljoint on the hub, that actual wishbone)? As my passenger one has excessive play and it has indents on the balljoint like you could remove it? Thanks in advance.
  15. suj

    P0300 and P0313 Codes

    Hi all, So I was driving home, doing 30mph in 4th, lightly accelerated, and it misfired and stayed at same speed, I had to press harder and it was fine it did this uphill later on too! I plugged in my Bluetooth OBD2 reader and Torque Pro, I got the following codes: I got home and looked...
  16. suj

    Stripped Coil Pack Thread, Helicoil

    So I've had an intermittent misfire, some days fine, some days rough, so reading many people said coil packs. I ordered some and I fitted them today, all fine except for Cylinder 4 (left hand side, sharing with the Dephaser Solenoid). When I was undoing it, it seemed a bit rough, not smooth...
  17. suj

    Top Mount Help for Bilstein B14s

    Hi all, I need to now get my Bilstein B14s fitted, just a few questions regarding top mounts / bits I need. * Top mounts, I think I am sorted for these (guy at work has a brand new genuine set in the garage from when he had a 197 last year) * I need top nut for the top mount (so I don't have...
  18. suj

    200: WR59 Silver 200, JLR Car Park, Recaro

    I just parked up at work, seen a silver 200 (it was a quick glance, so either Mercury or Nimbus..). It had Recaro seats (again quick glance, couldn't see yellow dots, so out of a 197?) it had red front calipers (couldn't see the rear ones), so maybe Cup packed?
  19. suj

    Thermostat Change Advice?

    Hi all, So my thermostat looks like it's going, sticking open (overcooling). So I have done a search on here and found the following threads:
  20. suj

    Bilstein B14s off a Late 200 on a 197?

    Hi all, Need an answer for this. I've seen some B14s off a Late 200, what is different from this kit to a 197 (and early 200)? As Kam Racing sells two kits...