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  1. g10far

    Gravity 197 Exhaust Manifold

    Hi All I was looking to buy the Toyosports manifold but they seem to be out of stock everywhere. There looks to be a similar alternative on ebay: It's branded Gravity but looks almost identical to the Toyosports version. My question is has anyone...
  2. g10far

    Steering Column/UJ

    Hi All Just looking for some advice regarding the above. I'm currently in the process of replacing my exhaust manifold, when I made a start I think I may have broke what looks to be a captive type nut/bolt that fixes the column to the rack. My question is has anyone experienced this before? If...
  3. g10far

    Clio 197 Hub/Ball Joints

    Hi All I'm looking to replace the hub/ball joints on my 197 and was wondering if anyone has bought the following from ebay at all...