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  1. M19TNR

    Spigot rings...

    So came to go away on Friday night, filled with fuel and went to pump up the passenger rear. But nothing would go in, it appears the valve is goosed. Tried the compressor on the other tyres and it was fine. Not the end of the world, but means I’m going to have to put the TD1.2’s on for abit...
  2. M19TNR

    Any good deals out there? (New cars)

    So as most of you know, the KA was in a crash and it has now been written off. Good and bad news, as it was starting to play up anyways, but got a wedding to pay for, so bad timing haha. Anyways... anyone seen any decent leasing/PCP deals about? Something nice and comfy and luxurious for the...
  3. M19TNR

    The KA is a gonner...

    Got a phone call while I was having the morning black coffee (getting there haha), and the OH has been crashed into by a pickup and they’ve driven off, what’s the number for the non emergency line. After telling her, I jumped in the car, completely ignored the cold engine warning and got there...
  4. M19TNR

    ‘13 1.2 KA - only 3/4th gears

    So the mrs has got to work and just rang with the very technical statement: ‘Wellllllllll my cars fucked isn’t it!!’ [emoji15] After a while, I managed to get out of her that it’ll only stay in 3/4th gears, pops out of 5th and won’t get into 1/2nd. Any ideas? She’s going to tip toe it home...
  5. M19TNR

    Black Coffee Training

    So I've started intermittent fasting (not eating from 22:00 to 14:00 - then I eat my normal calories as usual). I like eating all my calories in the afternoon/evening and only ever ate a 200 calorie bowl of porridge in the mornings anyways, so it fits my lifestyle. But to keep in that fasted...
  6. M19TNR

    My 1-2hour wash?!

    So @sevenfourate I’m looking at you.... but I’m sure there’s some other shiny genius’s out there! (Balding or not ;) ) I’ve never been one for washing cars! I’d rather pay the locals a tenner and move on with my life. But for some reason (I feel it’s getting old), I’m taking a bit of pride in...
  7. M19TNR

    RS200t Braided Hoses

    Changing to some RBF600 in the 200t, ready for track days. So thought while I’m there, I may as well change to braided hoses. Save dropping a load of fluid out twice. Does anyone know where to source the best braided hoses?
  8. M19TNR

    Username Change

    Can an admin/mod message me about changing my username please? I never minded having my full name online before, but in this day in age with work etc, it’s not worth it. Thanks
  9. M19TNR

    ScanGauge 2

    Anyone installed one of these? Pretty interested in one, mainly for monitoring temps on track. Especially the transmission oil temp on the EDC! I know there’s a few copies out there, are any of them worth the ££ considering some are significantly cheaper? If so, what’s the compromise...
  10. M19TNR

    3/4 plates and 200t

    Looking to get some new plates made up, as putting my own on the 200t when my logbook arrives. I know on a few older models they’ve used 3/4 plates (available to buy on CS), and I’ve seen Womble’s (??) Clio has a slightly smaller plate on the front? Does anyone know if this is the 3/4...
  11. M19TNR

    Clio RS200T - Track/Road

    Hi everyone Not made a progress thread in a while, but good to be back in a fun car again! So we have my 2013 Silver Clio RS200T EDC Lux - Cup Chassis She’s done 21,000miles with full Renault history, has a Cup Chassis as an option, and currently, couldn’t be more pleased with her...
  12. M19TNR

    Clio RS200T - Wrapping & Badges

    Hi again.... Been on and off this site for years! Had a 197 Cup, then two years ago bought a 172 track car. Then today I bought a 200t, for our second car, while the mrs gets to have the main car. Which is absolutely fine with me, as means I can medal with it! Haha So, I’ve had a quick...
  13. M19TNR

    2009 Scirocco 2.0tsi DSG

    So bit the bullet and bought a new car, after having twitchy feet for a while! Went to look at 3 different Scirocco's all with the spec that I wanted, two manual and one DSG. In the end, decided on the DSG, absolutely love it! Haven't used the paddle shift too much, but just the standard...
  14. M19TNR

    DSG and VAG 2.0tsi engine...

    So anyone had any experience with the above 2? Going to look at a Scirocco 2.0tsi tomorrow, and just wondering what other people think? I really want some comfort and gadgets after over a year and a half of the CUP. So looking at one with full leather, touch screen SatNav etc, DSG auto box...
  15. M19TNR

    Tightening Fan Belt

    So I've done a search and all the ever comes up is 'Cam Belts' so started a thread... My fan belt has a slight squeak when idling and it's doing my swede in! I popped the bonnet yesterday and spotted the alternator, but could see no way of tightening it, as its all so squashed in there! So...
  16. M19TNR

    Surely not racist?! (Possible NSFW)

    My mates sister is in the Miss Northwest finals, and it's on tonight. I went to her Miss Cheshire with him, and was quality! But at work tonight so can't go :( But he just sent me this Snapchat which I found possibly the funniest thing I've seen in ages, and a work mate saw it over my...
  17. M19TNR

    Ever thought of going fancy?

    Just been car shopping with my mate, and got me thinking really. I know we all love our cars, and for outright fun, they are VERY hard to beat! But anyone ever thought of going for a car that looks really good and is a pleasure to sit in and drive leisurely. Rather than our Clio's, which...
  18. M19TNR

    AG 200 Sainsburys Chester

    Just been in Sainsburys in Huntington and always see it... Got stickers on it :)
  19. M19TNR

    GW Clio with black roof

    Anyone got any pics of one? Had a quick look around and cant find any. Preferably with black wheels, but not necessary :) cheers
  20. M19TNR

    '10 GW 200, bridge street Chester NOW!

    My mates just snapchatted me a picture of someone parked on bridge street in Chester, I'm presuming near Nandos but could be wrong (where else would they go while I'm working a night shift) Anyone on here?