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    Any heavy rock / metal fans in here?

    Long shot maybe but worth a go. Friday Tune (for those of you delicate of ears, it's a little noisy) Anyone? Play us a tune?
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    Anyone near London with Leather / Alcantara Recaros? + random pish thread

    As the title. Leather only would be a help too if no one has half and half. Understandably, Mrs M would like to see some retrimmed Recaros in the flesh before she shells a good dollop of funds on having hers done. Anyone within an hour of London who wouldn't mind us coming and having a look...
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    FIA WEC / World Endurance Championship

    Amazed we don't have a thread for this already. (unless the search just isn't bringing it up...) Anyway, to stop @Sean197 and I (and @peter too!) spamming the F1 thread with WEC banter, here's a WEC thread. Have at it. To kick things off, here's a video of Alonso in his first WEC practice...
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    Car of the Month!
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    Photo Request: 197, full aero but with sprint spoiler

    Anyone got one? And maybe one of side skirts and splitter only if possible. @Sean197 maybe? Help me photomaster! Cheers guys.
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    Gran Turismo Sport

    Anyone play this? Bit late to the party I know but I just got it last night. Well, Mrs M came home with it at random. But... WTF? Can you not modify cars anymore? If that's true I'm not sure I'm interested. Let me know please guys. Is it just crap and I should take it back? Or is it worth...
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    I miss Shuv

    That’s all. :drunk:
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    Lotus Exige

    So Friday was the day. Barclays made my day VERY stressful for no reason other than utter ineptitude but thankfully Mrs M came to the rescue and managed to get them to pull their finger out while I was in a branch and she was on a train... Seriously??? Anyway, it all came together. Two days...
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    Why is it set to American? :D Any chance it could be set to actual English and not the pretend dumbed down version? No big thing really, just bugs me! Taa guys.
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    Anyone have access to HPI information?

    If so, please shout me!
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    HELP! Recommend me a painter near North London?

    Hi guys, So whilst out shopping on Saturday, Mrs M came back to a damaged car thanks to some disgraceful lowlife not managing to move around her car properly in the car park, even though she always parks as far out of the way as possible! Thankfully it's purely cosmetic. Driver's side corner...
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    Spare £60k anyone?

    If I was rich, like really really rich (and possibly a bit mental), this would be mine... :)
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    RIP Youtube.

    Well it's been fun, and I've enjoyed every minute of being marketed at but it looks like we're all going to have to pay for it now. One of the worst things about the modern world for me is the way big corporations are being sneaky about getting more and more of our hard earned from us. Google...
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    How to add link in signature

    Hi guys, I've contacted Shuv about this and he explained how to do it, however, it seems I'm missing the signature edit link as it doesn't appear to be where it should be. Can someone point me in the right direction if I'm being dumb, or update my profile with the correct permissions if...
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    Anyone know how to get google directions from desktop to phone app?

    Any tech savvy folk? I have a My Maps set of directions, all saved on my Mac. Signed in on my phone, can see the map and select it to look at it scroll and zoom, see all the waypoints... all good. How the funk do I get my phone to navigate me along that route?
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    Tractor Boy

    So, Mrs M’s R27. I was tasked with finding my wife a “Clio R27 in Racing Blue”, which was helpful as spec was pretty much a given, but not helpful in respect of there only being 34 of them to find one from. It took a while, and there were a few let downs along the way, but it all came good in...
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    Random car/bike videos thread

    Ok, we all like cars and there are plenty into bikes too. What do you guys watch? Embed some and let's have a look. Anything is fair game. Fast cars, old cars, motorsport, bosozuku... :D I'll throw a few in to get the ball rolling... SOUND ON! What you got?
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    E46 M3 CS

    @Chris Here you go mate. It's a CS so I've only had a light touch with the mods because at some point I'm going to need to put it back to standard as they're making good money. Headline details are: Brembo BBK front and rear AST adjustable coilovers, all properly set up CSL airbox Alpha N...
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    Full retrim cost?

    Hi guys, I've had a good search but the info is a little vague and quite old. Anyone have a good idea what we'd be looking at for a full interior retrim, front and rear in half leather, half alcantara with contrast stitching? I know Edge were around for a bit doing some amazing work but it...
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    Formula X?

    McLaren have released this today: And I like it a HELL of a lot! I think it's time for the breakaway series finally. No Bernie, no Todt, but with sensible rules and the above plus the Red Bull and Ferrari...