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  1. LOCKE

    Reverse Light Switch

    I have noticed in the dark/wet mornings my reverse lights don’t come on/wiper doesn’t operate when the gearbox/engine is cold. After driving a few miles to work lights/wiper are working fine again. I changed the gearbox oil around September but have only noticed this issue as the weather has got...
  2. LOCKE

    Nearly 3 Years Later...... Finally

    So for those members who don’t know the story. I had been looking for a 197 for literally years, up and down the country going to see ‘mint’ examples only to be disappointed then a Racing Blue R27 came up locally but unfortunately it was sold that morning but my faith was restored that they were...
  3. LOCKE

    Not Been On For A While - Quick Update

    So guys had a lot going on the last few months, my mother passed away in April so have been dealing with lawyers, estate agents etc aswell as everything else. Also my 182 Cup has been sold, number of reasons for this - £300 road tax, belts etc were needing done plus a couple of age related...
  4. LOCKE

    Anyone With Keyless Entry Please Read

    So afterwatching this Shmee video this has got me thinking. Anyone bought Keyless Protector? They do have a UK distributor. Any other options out there?
  5. LOCKE

    Too Much or Worth It?

    I follow these guys, some cracking low mileage cars in stock. Have a wee look at this Raider. A grey Raider would be my only 200 choice. Makes me wonder what my 16k miles R27 would be worth?
  6. LOCKE

    LED Interior Bulbs - Dimly Lit

    I don’t drive my R27 very often to be honest but today I noticed my courtesy lights were still dimly lit but my puddle lights were off whilst driving. Is this normal for LEDs?
  7. LOCKE

    Gear Knob Collar/Fastening

    I’ve tried RPD but the diagrams don’t show the exact part I’m looking for. It’s the plastic part at the top. Anyone know how to acquire this bit?
  8. LOCKE

    Braided Brake Lines

    Can the original brake line bracket be used with HEL brake lines? Or can it not be detached from original rubber brake hose? Would rather use this than p clips.
  9. LOCKE

    Yellow Oil Filler/Window Washer Caps

    What you guys using to make these plastic caps look like new again?
  10. LOCKE

    Pollen/Cabin Filter Fitment

    How awkward are these to fit! This is the 2nd one I've replaced and ended up removing the glovebox for ease of fitment.
  11. LOCKE

    The Benefits Of Being Old!

    Renewed the insurance on the R27, £200.43 for the year! On the other hand I’m paying more a year for road tax!
  12. LOCKE

    Inner Track Rod Removal

    Do you have to use a special tool to lock the steering rack or can I just use a track rod removal tool? @Foxspeed @turkie172
  13. LOCKE

    Racing Blue 197 Sunday near Market Rasen

    Got flashed from you. I was in the Racing Blue 182 coming back from the Superbikes at Cadwell Park.
  14. LOCKE

    Website Not Secure Message

    When I log in Safari is telling me the site is not secure. Anyone else seeing this?
  15. LOCKE

    Locking Wheel Nut

    Why is my locking wheel nut key got a 17mm head when all the other bolts have a 19mm head? It makes no sense and is really annoying me!
  16. LOCKE

    Fuel Prices In Your Area

    Is it just me or are fuel prices rising sharply again. Around the Glasgow area - Tesco Momentum 133.9 Shell V Power 143.9
  17. LOCKE

    Good Day Today!

    First thing was my R27 passed its MOT with no advisories, just turned 16k and only 325 miles done in a year. Happy at that as I always get slightly nervous going for a MOT even though I look after my cars myself. Secondly my R1 went it for a custom map today, I wasn't chasing big figures but did...
  18. LOCKE

    GTechniq C4 Users

    Would 15ml of C4 be enough for front RS Splitter, both Cup Spoiler end plates and rear diffuser? I know a little goes along way.
  19. LOCKE

    MK 4 Centre Cap fit MK 3 Alloy?

    Would this centre cap fit my 197 alloy? I like the look of the new style caps.
  20. LOCKE


    Who will be take the challenge to Marquez this year? Can Dovi do it? Is Rossi passed it? Will Lorenzo surprise us all?