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  1. Roshi69

    Possibly selling need advice

    Hi guy, Unfortunately I may be forced to sell the motor soon I still have finance so would need a trader to pay the settlement fee before getting a new one. I know i'd be best selling privately and keeping all mods on the car as most of the mods I've done are the ones that everyone seems to...
  2. Roshi69

    Catback Exhaust System opinions?

    Hi guys, Think im just going to go for it and get a catback system. Question is.... what do i go for! Generally wanting something slightly louder but more importantly a really nice sound and don't want it to be overly loud/droney on motorways. I've been told to go for a Milltek Cat Back...
  3. Roshi69

    Spotted Belfast

    @R11HOY drove past you there today on the Airport Road West today. I flashed in the work van when passing incase you were wondering who flashed you, also the cops were up near shorts but dont think they had the camera out! Car looks even more impressive in person, the white weeks look class on it!
  4. Roshi69

    200: Insurance in NI

    Insurance is due in 3 days and is looking ot be around £600 (after a quick Go Compare quote) It seems anyone i contact directly are quoting me nearly £200 more than the Go Compare one which was Hastings Direct and included Break Down cover, Legal assistance etc. Still need to ring AXA and see...
  5. Roshi69

    Megane 250 Advise

    My cousin is going to look at the magane in the link below tomorrow. Are there any common faults or things he should look out for whilst driving it? E.g. tough gearbox selections like some of the clios? Cheers Sent from my ONEPLUS...
  6. Roshi69

    Spotted Bangor Omniplex Northern Ireland

    Came out of the cinema earlier and a lovely white 200 Cup was parked right beside me. Anyone on here? Didn't get too good a look as I didn't want to be hovering around it and the owner coming out and seeing me snooping like a creep [emoji23] Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  7. Roshi69

    black friday detailing deals

    Just a place for people to share some bargains they come across. heres a few i've seen so far :grinning: Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection Auto Finesse...
  8. Roshi69

    Rise of the NI Clio's!

    I've been seeing a lot more Clio's about recently. Rarely seen any about and I've seen 4 in the last week! I'm wondering are a lot possibly not on the forums? [emoji50] Seen a white 197 and a black 197 in the same house up towards Newtown abbey direction (obviously don't want to be specific...
  9. Roshi69

    "STOP" light | Engine Overheating warning.

    As per title. Was driving home and both mentioned in the title happened. I noticed a noise while at the lights which sounded like the fan going loud and for quite a while. Then as I took off the Stop light came on and beeped. Annoyingly I was driving the most sensible I ever have as I was...
  10. Roshi69

    200: Frosty mornings inbound (possible stupid question)

    As per title..... Is there any way to go out in the morning and leave the car running a few mins to heat up and LOCK IT so I can go in and make a coffee etc? I keep my key in my pocket all the time so am wondering can I lock it so that I'm not worried about it. I have an open driveway and no...
  11. Roshi69

    Keeping the car clean (safely) between washes

    How do you guys keep the car clean between washes? Example, you've spent hours washing, drying waxing etc and the next day there is a light dust etc on the car that destroys me. Is there any SAFE way to give it a quick wipe over without risking any swirls/scratches? I understand that a full...
  12. Roshi69

    Fuel options Northern Ireland

    I see a lot of people seem to run Shell V-Power in their Clio's. I don't believe we cant get it over here on our wee island. Just curious as to what fuel us fellow NI folk use and consider to be the best for their cars. Cheers
  13. Roshi69

    200: Brake Caliper colour opinions?

    Guys, Thinking of respraying the calipers and getting new Brembo stickers. Mine currently are silver with a black Brembo sticker (as attached). Unsure what colour combo to go for. The car is just black and white all through with no other colour at all. Should i do them black with a white...
  14. Roshi69

    Bangor - Belfast carriageway Friday 1st Sept

    was there anything happening Clio wise in Norther Ireland? I rarely see Clio sports and i seen a few at the weekend there. one on my way to Bangor and 2 on the way back 1. Blue 200 spotted on the carriageway out of Bangor 2 .Possibly a 197 (maybe not sport but it was that shape) in the nicest...
  15. Roshi69

    200 sit higher at the rear as standard?

    As per title. Do the standard 200's sit higher at the back or is it my imagination. Someone mentioned it and ever since i think it looks a lot higher at the back and don't know lol I did wonder why there are spring options of 30mm front and 40mm rear etc. I'm ready to buy my springs now but am...
  16. Roshi69

    Extended lock nuts?

    As you may have seen, i recently fitted 20mm spacers all round. Im wondering does anyone know anywhere i can get 4 extended Lock Nuts? Im currently running the standard extended nuts i got with them and am uneasy knowing anyone can just take my wheels off lol
  17. Roshi69

    Got spacers fitted. Now for springs!

    Guys, The time has finally come. Managed to get some spacers and thought I'd throw them on just to see what they look like and I'm now never taking them off! I'm just worried now that the H&R 30mm front and 40mm back drop may be too low? The tyres are continental sport 215/45 /R17 I know...
  18. Roshi69

    Driver window not working

    Hi guys, Sorry if this is the wrong section. Went to put the driver window down this morning and nothing happened. When i press the button it sounds like its trying to do something but nothing happens, no movement at all. I will try later by getting someone to press the button while i hold...
  19. Roshi69

    Bulb recommendations

    Hi guys, I've read all other previous bulb posts and have a few questions. On all previous cars I've had HID kits and am badly missing them! I don't have projector lamps sadly and am wondering what bulbs give similar aesthetics to an HID kit as I can't stand the dirty yellow colour of...
  20. Roshi69

    200: Spotted: Grey Clio 200 Belfast

    As per title. Ive passed a grey clip 200 a few times on the Airport Road West Belfast. Just wondering if the owner is on here?