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  1. Tree200

    Anyone have pictures of...

  2. Tree200

    Pav's Albi Blue 197T

    Good to hear you're happy with it mate!! I think everyone is skeptical as to how much difference they can make but they're brilliant little things!
  3. Tree200

    Did I get caught?

    Yep, no sign of anything! I think we were very lucky Hyde200
  4. Tree200

    My Full Fat Mistress - 293bhp F4RT - The end of an era...

    This is a sad day, but glad you will be sticking around. Looking forward to the next beast!! Hmm Renault engine in a lotus.... Could this be what the forged engine you have is for? :D
  5. Tree200

    Thinking of joining the forces

    Thanks mate! I know it will take some getting used to but I'm used to being talk to like **** I'm my current job, at least I expect it in the Army. I think there will be allot of options depending on the avenue I got down. Just got my medical questionnaire through so will get that filled out...
  6. Tree200

    Thinking of joining the forces

    Thanks for your input guys. After speaking to a Few others the common answer is don't go for infantry as where do you go after you finish. I'm going to look more into the royal engineers and get into a trade which will give me something to got to after.
  7. Tree200

    Thinking of joining the forces

    Hi guys, Probably Random to put this in here but after some impartial advise from people with some experience of being in the forces. I have been thinking of it for a long time now but a couple of things have stopped me. I still need to confirm I can join for medical reason but it is something...
  8. Tree200

    Some of my photo enhancement.

    Love the colour changes! Great pics!
  9. Tree200

    Bonnet lifters

    Have you got any pictures?
  10. Tree200

    Brain Teaser

    Also would the resistance on the wheels be the same no matter what speed the treadmill is moving. So the propeller will only need to move at a slow speed to overcome the resistance of the wheels/ bearings. Even if the treadmill was going 100mph the resistance will be the same so the propeller...
  11. Tree200

    Brain Teaser

    Bear in mind that the ship is moving in that video creating lift on the wings, not much but some. I can see your point however the wind created by a propeller is not enough to generate enough lift to take off.
  12. Tree200

    Brain Teaser

    So what about planes that hold their brakes on and spin the prop on the front? They don't lift up an fly away, you still need the wind over the wings surely?
  13. Tree200

    Brain Teaser

    No, it's not about a both how fast the plane is travelling on its wheels. It's about the wind flowing over the wings creating lift. :)
  14. Tree200

    Engine Dynamics 197/200 Upcoming Turbo Convertion Kits

    Also look how popular the Powerflex bushes have been.
  15. Tree200

    Tree's Black 200 *new tyres and white bits*

    Haha I'm sure that would be one of a kind lol
  16. Tree200

    Tree's Black 200 *new tyres and white bits*

    I would but it's for fabric not plastic/ metal :(
  17. Tree200

    Tree's Black 200 *new tyres and white bits*

    Haha funny as currently recording the first xmen!
  18. Tree200

    No email notifications for PMs

    I guess it's all the pm's that went out at once.