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  1. Tree200

    Thinking of joining the forces

    Hi guys, Probably Random to put this in here but after some impartial advise from people with some experience of being in the forces. I have been thinking of it for a long time now but a couple of things have stopped me. I still need to confirm I can join for medical reason but it is something...
  2. Tree200

    197: Red 197 in Bath

    Red 197 parked by Julian Road in Bath at around 12:30. Left a card for you :)
  3. Tree200

    Black 197 Bath/ Bathford

    See you parked on High Street. Saw you the other day by Kinsdown golf club an gave us a wave.
  4. Tree200

    Text not showing on Tapatalk

    Don't want to clog up the brecons thread so putting it here. Basically certain text is not showing in threads when using Tapatalk. I have tried clearing the cache which i do every so often and when Mentalpen updates things. Couple of picks showing it. Brecons run people keep asking for the...
  5. Tree200

    Plasti dip or not to plasti dip?

    Right guys and gals, after your opinions on what to do. Last year I plasti dipped my rear diffuser but didn't have quite enough so looked a little grey. I have now got a load of plasti dip along with a couple of cans of blocker...
  6. Tree200

    LY 200T Bath

    You were behind me on the London Road this morning
  7. Tree200

    Gearbox oil change - unwanted extras

    So changed my gearbox oil to some Redline 75W-90 gearbox oil. When I was getting rid of the old oil (changed by Renault July last year) there were some little extras in the oil.
  8. Tree200

    Well trained

    Got my pack through from Sky (very happy with btw) an tested the mrs who isn't exactly clued up with cars. Her latest one is that she didn't know cars had brakes in the rear. So was impressed when she guessed it right!
  9. Tree200

    Happy birthday M88KE C & colt3003

    Happy birthday guys! have a good one
  10. Tree200

    LY 200T this morning coming into Bath

    Was in front of you in the dirty black 200.
  11. Tree200

    Nimbus 200 in Bath

    You must live on Lansdown crescent
  12. Tree200

    C2 keeps jerking?

    Hi guys, My missus has a 59 plate C2 1.4 HDI with about 34k on the clock. for the last couple of months every so often it has been jerking slightly when accelerating hard of soft. It's done it when I have driven it too and feels like a momentary loss of power? There are no lights coming on on...
  13. Tree200

    Two spots in Bath

    Saw this gordini at about 12:50 outside the train station Also spotted a black 197 parked on Henrietta Street at around 2:45
  14. Tree200

    *Up to* 50% off Everything @ ECP

    Just had an email from Euro Car Parts, 50% off everything until Midnight Sunday. No discount code required.
  15. Tree200

    200T steaming up?

    Hi guys, a mate of mine has a mk4 (not RS) an it seems to be steaming up a lot. I suggested checking the drains (not sure how different it is to mk3's) and blasting he heaters with the recirculation on. Just wondered if anyone else has had any problems with steaming up?
  16. Tree200

    Ultra Red 200 Trowbridge Halfrauds.

    As above.
  17. Tree200

    Frosty Morning!

    Came out to the car this morning to a frosty car so took some pictures. Only iPhone so not amazing. Frosty Clio by Etree200, on Flickr Frosty Clio by Etree200, on Flickr
  18. Tree200

    LY R27 Sainsburys in Melksham

  19. Tree200

    A few today in Bath

    Saw a couple today in Bath. Black 197 gave me a smile Nimbus 200 was walking so didn't notice me was also a silver 200t. First one I've seen other than at the dealers. and a OG megane cup, don't think it was kev though.
  20. Tree200

    Hi Guys, Not sure if anyone has come across these before, got some brake pads from them an just had a look through other bits. Seem to stock a few different bits for our cars.