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  1. Matt197

    Rear brake caliper problems

    I have been changing all of the brake discs and pads on my car and everything was going smoothly, fronts were no problem and everything came out with little effort. Rears were a different matter, the bolts holding the calliper carrier were a nightmare to remove but got them off in the end...
  2. Matt197

    OPTIMAL rear brake discs

    I ordered front / back discs and pads thinking I was buying Brembo all around and when they arrived the rear discs are a brand I have never heard of before, OPTIMAL. On googling them its very hard to find any information, all I know is they are a German company. Anyone know much about this...
  3. Matt197

    Hissing sound

    I have just had my cambelt, water pump and aux belt changed + service (inc brake fluid change for some reason) and like always I check things over once I get home and I noticed that once I turned the engine off a constant hissing sound can be heard for around 2 minutes like pressured air...
  4. Matt197

    Road tax increased!

    Just gone to renew my road tax or VED to find its now gone up :blink: It's now £260! For a year or £143 for 6 months. Really starting to feel the pinch, it's gone up every year almost. I remember when I first got my car it was £215 for a year. When will it stop, I'm not paying £300 in a...
  5. Matt197

    Wind deflectors

    Has anyone tried the Renault wind deflectors and are they just as good as the team heko ones? Can't seem to find any good pictures of the Renault ones.
  6. Matt197

    Halfords are so useless

    Why are Halfords the most useless stores on the high street? Went into my local one to buy a Laser mini pump to pump oil, spent 10min looking around then I asked if they had any in stock and spent another 15min with them trying to find it both in store and on the computer :s Then I got told...
  7. Matt197

    Car back on the road (newly refurb wheels)

    Got my car back on the road Friday after the hassle with the wheels, nothing special just wanted to take some photos. Some of the view down to the beach.
  8. Matt197

    Normal noise?

    It's been such a long time since I drove my car I have no idea if it used to make this noise when braking or not, had a few problems when I changed my rear pads so I might just be being paranoid. Not my video but its the same sound I hear when braking, like rushing air. This is when I am...
  9. Matt197

    This is what you get for £260

    I feel very sick today, just got my alloys back from Lepsons in Kent and the first thing I noticed once I unwrapped one of them was the centre cap was sitting way back in the alloy and not flush with the face like before they were sent. They also would not budge, like they had been stuck in...
  10. Matt197

    TRW Pads Rear!

    I must be blind because I never knew Renault put TRW pads on the rear and Brembo on the front, I always thought it was Brembo pads all around. Anyone switched to Brembo at the rear out on interest?
  11. Matt197

    What do you say you drive?

    When people ask what car do you drive what do you say? I got asked today out the blue and found my self saying Reno Clio Sport :s
  12. Matt197

    White speedline paint code

    I have already PM Karl but was wondering if anyone else knows what the colour code is for white speedlines? The place that is doing my wheels don't use IXELL paint and have asked me to find out the glasurit code or a paint name. Contacted my local dealer and they are no help, did not even...
  13. Matt197

    For sale rules

    I have just noticed that in the rules there is no mention of members username and the current date having to be in a photo of the items for sale. Actually it only recommends a picture is added but is not an enforcement. Can this be made mandatory please? How else are buyers meant to know if...
  14. Matt197

    Would you replace?

    My two front tyres still have 3.6mm - 4mm left but are the original tyres fitted from the factory that I swapped from the rear. One has a very slight split on the rim protection part where a brick somehow hit that part of the tyre when I brushed passed it. The tyres were manufactured in...
  15. Matt197

    Why you should service your brakes

    I have been changing my wheels over the past few days and decided to strip and clean all my brakes. Drivers side on the front the pad was actually stuck to piston, even with the caliper removed it still had be levered away with allot of force. The rears were is much worse condition than...
  16. Matt197

    Game UK in trouble

    Looks like Game could be among the likes of Woolworth and others to close their doors. I am not surprised at all though, they forced PC games of Steam and sell games at stupidly high prices and think they can get away with it. Just feel sorry for the 10,000 staff that could end up loosing...
  17. Matt197

    Any old alloys?

    Can I put any old 17" alloys on my car as long as they have 5 studs? Getting my wheels refurbished and don't want to leave my car on axle stands, cars not going to be used just going to be used to keep the car on the ground.
  18. Matt197

    Cheap Panasonic CR2025

    I found some Panasonic CR2025 at a good price, works out at something like 0.21p each. Should keep you going for a good few years.
  19. Matt197

    Beware: Low Mileage - Liquid Yellow Clio 182 - VO54 FFZ

    Just came across this and thought its best to share to stop others getting shafted.
  20. Matt197

    400% Increase

    Stay clear of Endsleigh for your car insurance, I think the word incompetence was modelled around this company. Got my renewal today and its addressed to my mum and they have got her down as the policy holder, this stems back to when I first went with them and they mixed all the details up...