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  1. H21

    Is there a guide to fitting a itg maxogen?

    Getting a itg maxogen off smoggy mark tonight so im just wondering if theres some guide on here to fit it?! Ive got a samco 76>70 mm reducer for it
  2. H21

    Black 200, Tesco, redcar

    Saw you going into tesco earlier on, looking clean! Very nice car
  3. H21

    Engine running with lights off?

    Is there a way you can tirn the headlights off with the engine running? I can only turn them off when ive stopped the engine. Cheers
  4. H21

    Cant change drivers headlight bulb?!?!

    Ive managed to get the cap off but i dont have a clue what im supposed to be pulling out all i can feel is wires, any help lads?
  5. H21

    ITG Maxogen worth it?

    Can someone tell me who has one of these if they are worth the money as they are nearly £300 new!? Do they give the car abit of grunt as thats what im looking for, dont really want to be disappointed after spending all that money on one. Cheers
  6. H21

    LY 200 again redcar, CL10 JAD

    Followed you through redcar a little bit :D sounded class
  7. H21

    200 exhaust tips??

    Are the 200 exhaust tips metal or plastic?
  8. H21

    LY 200 redcar

    Seen you about 9 o'clock ish, had a CL10 number plate looked very nice
  9. H21

    Grey 197 mcdonalds middlesbrough

    Last night about 1oclock parked a couple spaces from me
  10. H21


    Hello people, been on here a few months whilst searching for a 200 and i finally got one on tuesday, the car is a big step up as i was driving a 1.0 so it feels crazy having all that power under your foot, its a 2010 UR 200 with standard seats, hoping to get the recaros sometime. Anyway im from...
  11. H21

    Blue 197 eston, middlesbrough

    Saw you go past the shell garage in eston looking smart!
  12. H21

    How to get this display on my 200?

    Hello people ive been trying to get this display on my 200 with the bars for the rpm, well i think its the rpm but cant see anywhere that will put the display up, heres the video