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    Brake fluid bottle fouling

    KTR adjustable carbon front strut brace The guys car on the forum
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    c02 sensors is it a diy job for a pleb like me?

    If your carful you can lift the car on one side drive the front wheel up onto a steel wheel and use the jack to lift the back with one side up I would recommend the passenger side as the second lambda is under the passenger seat make sure your sensors have the right plugs there is an oval and...
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    Top Mounts - OEM and alternatives

    If you look at your genuine shock you will see KYB stamped on it and they can sell kits with the top mount and bearing but also the top mount by itself I bought a SKF kit both top mounts with bearings cost about £60 at the time. I found a place in Poland I bought 3 genuine springs 2 x 197 blue...
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    Rear disc ABS ring damaged

    if no luck transfer your old rings across you can get a little test card with metal filings in it if held over the sensor area the filings form over the magnetic sectors must be a common fault, but yous is damaged it looks like someone has with all the filings about and the damage to the sensor...
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    Brake fluid bottle fouling

    Send them the pictures and see what they will do the engine bay should be symmetrical the brake bottle will be the same height and position to the strut towers. The bottle does sit lower in a left hand drive car ( I would not have thought that) as you can see I personally would go for the hidden...
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    MAP sensor o rings

    Get one of the brackets to hold it in place or what I did a couple of wraps of plumbers PTFE tape will pack it out and help secure it a diagonal cable tie does not have to be mad tight just to keep it from moving around and that's the Aussie way of doing it.
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    Exhaust tip help

    You don't need to weld if it is all in line then you need a straight extension a swathed pipe and a clamp you need accurate external diameter of the pipe you got the length you need which can be a bit more and you can cut down and the internal diameter of the diffusers hole that will be your...
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    Genuine New Clio 197 Rack will not line up can anyone help?

    When did you fit your rack was it new and is it a standard rack or the faster cup rack? as mine was a standard rack.
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    Brake fluid bottle fouling

    That will be a left hand drive Clio. The brake bottle is on the same side as the brake pedal I was unaware of any strut braces that go into the engine area they normally sit in the scuttle area. Pack the mounting bolts up to lift he brace higher might have to use longer bolts. Can you turn the...
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    Exhaust tip help

    You cant use tips on a 200 diffuser that's the point of that diffuser but you must make sure the pipe ends go well into the heat ducts a lot of 197 owners bought 200 diffusers without the shielding or cut back the factory 197 tips the hot gasses because they were not directed properly melt the...
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    front shock removal question

    Put a cloth around the shaft then put the vice grips on it to minimize the marks. Make sure you have not split the Allen key wall on top soak a little WD40 on the nut about 20 mins before trying to allow it to work its way in.
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    Exhaust tip help

    The tips are slip on so contact Scorpion and buy the tips from them as a spare part they do slash cut or round minimum hassle after market made up custom tips can be £100 to £120 if that gives you perspective and eBay tips although cheap can sometimes not be long enough or stupid clamps that...
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    LED low beams (MK3 200RS)

    Is that the way H7 bulbs are held in nowadays I thought they were like this:
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    Rear Wheel Arch Liners

    Most likely ice buildup in the winter snow drops down into an ice ball on top of the wheel then the wheel forces it round can happen the front rear arch section as well.
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    Rear Wheel Arch Liners

    They should be for 17" arches not so many get damaged so able to get, its the front ones that are hard to find and expensive remember the 197/200 Clio is 20mm wider at the back well the axle is anyway and the panel. Best to find why its damaged before replacement or it's money down the drainvif...
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    #237 washed with mods

    No that's OK I had two custom tips made with a 5 degree bend so the pipes would exit the diffuser level I bought the back box used when the first one came up and it had been modified already so was trying to correct it the exit pipes have a small angle to stop water free running into the back...
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    Gearbox options?

    I think you should take your gearbox out and send it to be fixed as the one you are showing I don't know the guys they maybe fine but the same phone number is showing the same part number gearbox for a 1.5DCI. And anyone can say a gearbox has been reconditioned its hard to tell how well or at...
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    #237 washed with mods

    Cheers I do believe an outside diameter of 3" is as big as tips can go with comfortable fit, I now have an Akrapovic EVO system with tips for a 197 as I found a place that can sell the genuine mid section separately I would still like actual Akrapovic tips preferably carbon and long enough to...
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    #237 washed with mods

    Like the tips whats the story with them size wise and haw much clearance is there to the diffuser?