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    Emissions light on and car won't go, has to warm up first... ?

    Hi guys, car has flexi 's that need replacing but my emissions light came on and then the car want go or even rev freely... only once its warmed up does the car move... any ideas were to look first?
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    LED rear lights / left -right hand drive info?

    I've seen several cool LED rear lights that are from Germany, the one crowd said it would not fit my Right hand drive car.... my question is, several UK guys have bought these LED rear lights and your country cars are right hand drive. So what gives??? Am rather confused as too why it would make...
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    20th Anniversary Edition 339

    2010 20th Anniversary Edition, Number 339
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    Oil catch fitting...

    I've been mauling through over an hour in the forum but can't find anybody who has fitted an oil catch (expect Steve from OZ but his pix don't load)... Anybody with some links or point me in the right direction...
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    Maxi Motorsport Feedback?

    Hi, Anybody ordered stuff from them? Any chance of feedback or other suppliers to checkout?
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    200: Big in Japan ?

    A while back.. like very late in the wee morning, I came across a Japanese chap who had done all sort son mods that were insane and dropped a few names alone the way. Does anybody remember him? There was a tuning company that did insane stuff for Reno's, after several sessions of searches I've...
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    20th Anniversary Edition Register?

    Hi guys, I see there is Raider and Silverstone Registers but not 20th Limited \edition? It would be cool if we could find them around the globe, they are very special machines and only 500 were made. Plus there is very little information on them.
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    PedalBox Tuning?

    Has anybody installed the pedalbox tuning product from germany on a 197?
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    Part numbers?

    Does anybody have a catalogue for parts? I'm after the control arm on the right hand side part number> 197 / 2007. Help please, dealer makes it a mission to request.
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    :: Anybody upgraded the pedals? ::

    Hi, Mine are starting to look worse for wear and especially the brake has worn away and was thinking of doing something different than standard factory edition. Has anybody fitted after-market pedals? Any pix? Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for Owners manual 197

    I didnt know were to put this one, so I'm after an owners manuel, if anybody has one or has digi files etc. Your help in this matter would be awesome.
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    ::: Radio code needed :::

    Hi, Is there anybody out there that can generate a code for me? My number is G896 Thanks in advance.
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    Finally Reno Clio Family

    Hi All, Just wanted to say hello... finally joined the fray with a 197, its taken while but I made it! Warm regards from South Africa