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  1. Big Ben

    Tom's Track Car - BMW E46 -Lots of updates

    Amazing Tom. Making your own parts must be so rewarding. Love this thread
  2. Big Ben

    Sean's Red 200

    Jesus 4 years!! Where’s that gone eh….? Your old build was the inspiration for my car mate. Can’t wait to see where this one ends up.
  3. Big Ben

    Best tyre combination?

    Just my opinion this not a criticism. Don’t skimp on dry track tyres. You could buy a set for £3-400 and be happy enough but you will be at the limit of them tyres. For the sake of an extra couple of hundred quid you’ll be into proper semi slick territory that will keep on the track better...
  4. Big Ben

    Best tyre combination?

    PS4 for damp/wet/road driving. They handle standing water on track no problem I can’t comment on the dry tyres you mentioned but I got a set of AR1 for £480 recently off eBay and they’re very good. Just have to wait for an offer or Black Friday
  5. Big Ben

    Suj's Nimbus Clio 197 and E36 328i Trackcar

    That yours Sean!!?
  6. Big Ben

    Suj's Nimbus Clio 197 and E36 328i Trackcar

    Fantastic updates. Looking forward to seeing this thing fly round Snetterton
  7. Big Ben

    MRF Tyre discount.

    Lend me the money?
  8. Big Ben

    What would you do?

    At 20yrs old I’d of already bought the wheels:grinning: Now I’m a bit older….I’d still buy the wheels! *Listen to the others:thumb:
  9. Big Ben

    New 200 Cup owner

    Welcome aboard
  10. Big Ben

    Clio 3 RS F1 Team R27 Meglio - it will be a trackcar

    Great effort. :thumb:
  11. Big Ben

    The crunchy 197

    Some nice pics there Nathe. Track limits on the white one!
  12. Big Ben

    Another Supreme Motorsport build

    Simple Clubsport build:french: Love it.
  13. Big Ben

    Tom's Track Car - BMW E46 -Lots of updates

    Looks mean AF Tom.
  14. Big Ben

    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    Nice write up. Car looks brilliant as does Cornwall!
  15. Big Ben

    Autec Wizard

    I bought a set a while back and from memory they were for a megane or Laguna. Search for mk 2 meg wheels. Might get lucky
  16. Big Ben

    Bedford Autodrome 07-06-21 - Javelin Trackday REPORT

    Enjoyed that. Comments make me chuckle:grinning:
  17. Big Ben

    Bolts Vs Studs

    Break them off with a breaker bar then spin them off with the nut gun
  18. Big Ben

    Another Supreme Motorsport build

    Well this escalated quickly:thumb:
  19. Big Ben

    Road/ocassional track tyre

    They are fine of course. You could run practically anything you want. Will be good grip wise but not great. Will get very hot quickly on a dry day but be almost unbeatable in damp/wet conditions. If you absolutely have to have only one set of tyres then these would be my choice
  20. Big Ben

    The crunchy 197

    Love the duct idea Nathe.