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  1. MarcB

    Bolts Vs Studs

    Im sick of big silly rusted bolts so looking at TPI Polarised wheel bolts or a black stud / nut conversion. Looking at the pros and cons of bolts and stud / nut kits. Can anyone advise what they use and why ?
  2. MarcB

    Supreme Motorsport Again

    Once again @R27WTF done me an amazing turn. Had a slight issue with brake lines and within hours matt reached out to me to rectify the issue and listen to my concerns. Within 72h there was a new set of items that dropped on to my door and had them fitted at the weekend. Gave supreme a call to...
  3. MarcB

    Speaker Sizes

    Does anyone know what size the speakers are in the Clio Mk3 197 / 200 Im looking for the correct size for front and rears.
  4. MarcB

    LY MK3 197

    Thought I would run over the LY with some soap and give it a wash. There is some tar spots I need to remove but could not be ar$ed. Think the car scrubs up not too badly considering its never once been polished or waxed. I know haters are going to hate the wheels and I will at some point get...
  5. MarcB

    Front Mk3 Pads

    Once again there is more "CHEAP" genuine front Clio Mk3 197/200 pads If you are looking for Pads get them quick. I have double checked the part numbers and they have crossed over perfect as shown below. eBay item number: 274712267963...
  6. MarcB

    Rear Seats

    Does anyone know what car the Yellow seats came in (Not Recaro’s) I’m looking for rear seats with the yellow inlays on them but can’t find any. Here is a picture of the fronts as I can’t seem to find the rears.
  7. MarcB

    Am I On Drugs ?

    Been looking around for steering wheels and things. Found a new genuine Renault one with red stitching for 599,00 zł which is polish złoty. When I convert Polish złoty of 599,00 I get £115 Can you really buy a spanking new unused genuine item for £115 or an missing something. ?
  8. MarcB

    Brake Pipe

    Looking to see if anyone knows how to get these brake pipes ? Im wanting to replace mine on both sides. N/S/F (Passenger Side) Brake pipe is black and in the first picture O/S/F (Drivers Side) Brake pipe us green and in the second picture When looking on the Renault parts system the...
  9. MarcB

    Help Needed - Brakes

    Looking to see if someone can point me with the correct items that I need. Im going to be fitting a 6 line braided brake hose kit that was bought from @R27WTF AKA Supreme Motorsport. Im also looking to replace all the plastic clips that keep the hoses in place along the rear beam and any other...
  10. MarcB

    Supreme Motorsport

    Would like to give a thumbs up for Supreme Motorsport. Gave them a call regarding braided lines, Got all the information I needed and then jumped online and ordered the 6 line brake line set for the 197/200. Next day received tarcking information and items arrived very quickly. Good service...
  11. MarcB

    Wheel Sizes

    Can someone point me in the correct direction for Offsets & ET's Whats the ET & Offset for the following Standard 17" Wheels Clio 200 Cup Clio 197 F1 Clio Cup Speedlines If I was to go 18" Wheels - What would be the ET and off set I would need for these to fit ?
  12. MarcB

    Disc Help

    Looking for some advice if possible. Does anyone know what size the rear wheel bearing is on a 57 plate Clio 197 inside the disc ? Im getting a choice of 2 , One being 25mm and the other being 30mm After having a dig around im sure its 30mm but just want to be on the safe side. Reason for...
  13. MarcB

    Clio 197 Spacers / Stud & Nut

    Looking to upgrade with some good spacers and a Stud & Nut kit for my Mk3 Clio 197 Problem im having is I have no idea what im buying as there is so much out there with so many different spacers and things. I don't want to be buying longer wheel bolts either so im hoping that the stud & nut...
  14. MarcB

    What Else Would You . . . . .

    What else would you change / do while getting the Timing Belt done. So far my list is as follows using all genuine OE Renault parts. Timing Belt Kit End Caps Defacer Water Pump Aux Belt Kit Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Full Coolant Flush / Change Engine Flush With New Oil & Filter Sump Plug Air...
  15. MarcB

    Recaro Seat Runners - Info / Help Needed.

    Im looking to see if its possible to strip down these runners for my CS seats. They are a little overdue a wee refurbishment and have been like this since I bought the car. I have a couple of questions. 1, Can any MK3 call seat runner fit or does it have to be from a Recaro CS ? 2, Are these...
  16. MarcB

    Mk3 197 / 200 PDFs (Workshop Manual)

    I have here the full genuine OE Renault workshop manual for the Mk3 197/200 It covers alot as there is 7,991 pages in the manual. I also have a pile load of 1*2 PDFs including workshop manuals. If anyone is looking for anything drop me a PM with your name and e-mail address, These are all...
  17. MarcB

    Door Handles

    So I have been working away to try and get an exact paint match for the colour of the Clio 200 speedo. The grey is an interior paint colour that Renault dont sell in touch up or spray as its an option on a new car for interior. The reason I want this colour is the centre console, Dash vents and...
  18. MarcB

    Clio 197 Brake Lines

    Looking for a decent set of braided brake lines for the 197. There is so many choices and options out there but im looking for a set that is bang on with length so they are not too long or short. There is K-Tec, Puremotorsport, KAM Racing and then the usual suspects on ebay but are they all...
  19. MarcB

    Last Picture Of The Year

    Managed to get a few snaps while having nothing to do at work this morning. Here is the last iPhone pictures of the year from me.
  20. MarcB

    Miltek manifold ?

    Did Miltek make a produce a clio mk3 197/200 manifold ? There is a guy on Facebook selling one for £100 but I was under the impression that it was a choice of 3/4 Standard Toyo/Drenza K-tec Predator