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  1. Helpimonfire

    Let's talk seats and harnesses... And cages...

    Yeah so as the title may suggest I'm in the market for some seats, harnesses and a cage for my 197. I've had a look around and I'm still none the wiser when it comes to mounts and the likes, never had buckets in a car before other than some mega cheap reclining things in an old shed years ago...
  2. Helpimonfire

    UR 197 in King's Lynn

    My missus keeps spotting a red 197 on her way to work. Reg is BD07SZE. Anyone on here? I'll send her out in my 197 one day :tearsofjoy:
  3. Helpimonfire

    Any weak points in the 197 cooling system?

    So I'm working away and the missus is using the Clio while hers is being repaired and I get this text this morning... I checked the coolant level recently and it was just slightly below the maximum mark while stone cold, not noticed any leaks but is there any weak points that could be causing...
  4. Helpimonfire

    MSW Wheels

    Anyone had any experience of these? They seem to be a budget line made by OZ Racing but I can't find a great deal about them, either that or I'm not very good at using the Googles. I've read a few bits from a Honda forum but this was from a few years ago now. Wheelbase have a set at a reasonable...
  5. Helpimonfire

    197: Black 197 with Gordini wheels - A606 near Rutland Water

    Anyone on here? I'm sure I've seen a photo of it on here before but I can't for the life of me remember who it was. It was an 07/57 plate. Looked mostly standard apart from the Gordini diamond cut faced wheels. Overtook me between Oakham and Stamford. I was in a white Transit crewcab dropside...
  6. Helpimonfire

    200: Silver 200 in Fakenham

    Just spotted a silver 200 in Fakenham tonight. Reg started FG62. Spotted near the college going over the mini roundabout. Anyone on here?
  7. Helpimonfire

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC

    Anyone else play this or is it just me? I've been playing for a while now, FINALLY got my first win! Anybody fancy a game or 2, add me on Steam - gammonsocket (started as a throwaway name on Arma 3, then it stuck!) :D
  8. Helpimonfire

    Power Maxed cleaning kit?

    Evening all. Went into Motor Parts Direct today to get a few bits and they have a massive sale until the end of the month (Monday 31st) on a large kit of cleaning supplies for only £24.99. The kit contains... I'm not sure how it'll perform but they seem to sell a lot of it. Anyone used it...
  9. Helpimonfire

    2006 Deep Black weekend warrior. Clubsport build maybe?

    So I figured it was time to start a progress thread, I always said I'd keep it standard but we all know that's not happening. Bought the dirt magnet on New Years Eve 2016 so I've not had it long. It had already been lowered on (at the time) mystery springs and had 20mm spacers fitted. Sadly the...
  10. Helpimonfire

    How bad will it be...?

    So my manifold has started blowing, to be expected really as it's done 97k miles now... If I swap the manifold out for the one I have currently for sale (possibly Direnza, not sure though), keep the cat and go for a non-res Scorpion exhaust, how bad will the car run without a remap?
  11. Helpimonfire

    That new job feeling!

    So after a couple of interviews and lots of "Did I really say that?! Do they like me? Am I worthy of this job? What if they decide they don't need anyone?" of the past couple of weeks, I had a phone call tonight that I was hoping for. I got offered the job! Soon to be gone are my days of...
  12. Helpimonfire

    LY 200, AB 197 and a couple 200T near Norwich!

    As the title says really. Spotted an Albi Blue 197 turning into Ellough Business park, a LY 200T with reg starting J200 heading towards Norwich on the A146. Then a LY200 coming out of Lenwade near APT Tuning. Anyone on here?
  13. Helpimonfire

    Silverstone wheels - what wheel bolts?

    I'm off to buy some Silverstone wheels this afternoon and I'm just checking what bolts I need? I know there are threads on this already but my situation is a bit different. I currently have standard 197 wheels with 20mm spacers and longer bolts. Can I use these or will they damage something...
  14. Helpimonfire

    My 2006 Deep Black 197

    So here it is. Hopefully I'll keep this thread updated but I'm not very good at that because I don't really do much in the way of modifications... I rarely clean my cars either so we'll have to see how this goes! :think: Because I know it makes you all cringe to see a dirty car... (Excuse the...
  15. Helpimonfire

    Projector light output is pretty weak?

    Hey guys, I've got factory fitted projectors with the turning lights on my 197, my problem is that with the cheap bulbs that were in it, there wasn't much light being put out on the road and now I've swapped out for some Osram Nightbreakers, the light output is better but still poor. What am...
  16. Helpimonfire

    Hi from Norfolk!

    Hello! Recently bought myself a 2006 197 in Black, awesome car. I always thought my BMW 328 Coupe handled well until I drove the 197... What a change! :tearsofjoy: Poor pictures but they were quick snaps while it's filthy and dirty. I'm not 100% sure what's been done to it but the rear is...