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    220 trophy steering ....

    Has anyone come from a Clio 200 edc too a 220 trophy? Mine thing I found with 200 was steering needed a lot of steering input. What the trophy like with the different rack? Is there a big difference ?
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    Anyone fitted a airtec cooler and if so have had car on rollers with it fitted ? Thanks
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    Gearbox question ( Scenic )

    TL04 021 gearbox out of Renault scenic. Are they the same boxes in the 1.6 Petrol and 2.0 diesel ?? There's only one 021 box Listed but on the 1.6 it is listed as a A021? Anyone confirm they are the same?
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    Short shifter

    Just nosing through eBay .. bored and come across this Anyone sen them or have one fitted ??
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    BTCC media Day

    Anyone attending ??
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    Warning - Clio alloys ... warning do not buy!! Ive bought a set and got stung!! they are damaged alloys and one is buckled or bent. Either needs binning or repairing. Rest are likely to...
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    Monday night Donnington - White 197

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    Madeley health motors blue 197

    Spotted it tonight parked in front service place. Blue 197 with white alloys and white cage. looled tidy! Anyone off here?
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    Any owners round Stoke On Trent ?

    Anyone got a 200 round Stoke that could do me a favour? Im in need of trying a different throttle body on mine. Thanks
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    Who's using AST's????

    Who's using ASTs? (5100 series ) what your opinion on them? has anyone had any issues with them? Thanks
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    B14 users...

    Can people have look under the rear of there car. Is the height adjuster at bottom or the Top of the Spring ? Thanks
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    Throttle body - help

    Anyone got a standard throttle body lying around I could borrow or could borrow of there car to try and see if mine is playing up. im located in Stoke, staffs. Could cover any postage fee's. Thanks
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    Accelerator pedal / sensor

    Has anyone ever had to change theirs or known them to play up? Im sure mine is playing up. Gone very sensitive is way to describe it.
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    Ktec discount code

    What is it? thanks
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    Ultra racing boot brace

    Who's got one fitted ? If your looking at it from the boot, how do fix the right hand side too fixing ? How do get the nut into the bolt or does bolt just screw into one the holes. Thanks
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    197 oulton park yesterday

    Sliver anyone off here
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    Light weight crank pulley

    Who's got one fitted and has anyone had any issues with it fitted? thanks
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    Oulton Park - Neil Howard stages 7th Nov

    Anyone going next weekend?
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    200 alloys .... Cups and speedlines ....

    Has anyone ever weighed the cup alloy and the speedline alloy? Just wondering if there is much weight difference.
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    Rockingham Friday (14th August )

    Was fewer clios knocking about. Anyone off here?