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  1. Joec1996


    can anyone help me I’ve just taken my diffuser off too clear the crap out and try and find a rattle and I was interested if the exhaust back box I had was definitely a scorpion I’ve taken photos can someone confirm it is there is a logo I’ve found on the pipes running off the back boxthanks
  2. Joec1996

    Recommendations for spray shops in Essex

    Can anyone recommend a good paint sprayer shop in Essex area I’m more local too Colchester way but will travel further out. I used one in Suffolk Ipswich for my 2 series a year or so ago when someone decided too hit my car and drive off when it was parked on a road over night:confused:, but When...
  3. Joec1996

    KTEC Engine Back Sports Catted Exhaust System

    Hello people I’ve just got my car booked in with KTEC for a engine back sports catted exhaust system and a remap in June has anyone got one and how good does the system sound :french: just also got a new air panel filter too replace the old ktec panel filter but can’t do that as cars at the...
  4. Joec1996

    Clean 197

    Long day cleaning the car, clayed, polished, Waxed and some sealant so worth it :french:
  5. Joec1996

    197 clio

    As it was a nice day took the clio out for a bit and went for some exercise with my missus can’t do a lot due too COVID I guess but got some nice photos of my clio :thumb:
  6. Joec1996

    Eila spoiler removal hard ?

    Does anyone know how hard it is too remove the Elia clio RS spoiler? And any tips on how I could get the glue/sealant off that holds the spoiler on thanks. :think:
  7. Joec1996

    meguiars ultimate compound Good ?

    Hello there could anyone tell me if they have used meguiars ultimate compound for paint work or any good recommendation for my car trying too restore bit of the red paint on the side skirts :smile:
  8. Joec1996

    Recommendation brake pads and discs

    Brake discs/pads recommendations Hello people. Does anyone have any good recommendations for brake pads and disc? need too get new ones due too issue with a disc brake.
  9. Joec1996

    Brake disc

    brake disc damaged Hello people , just brought a 197 I need some advice please if anyone can help I recently just got my timing belt and water pump changed along with a cv boot. Everything seemed fine until I drove it 5 minutes down the road I started hearing metal on metal noise, I then pulled...