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  1. Clio chris 197

    O/s driveshaft advice needed

    Hi all, I noticed a clicking noise coming from the front of the car on the weekend. I managed to get up onto my friends ramp, and it’s play In the support/ intermediate bearing on the o/s driveshaft. The rest of the driveshaft doesn’t look to be in great shape. My question is do people...
  2. Clio chris 197

    Exhaust mounts/ hangers help

    Hi guys tried fitting the new exhaust today after the standard one fell apart. The diffuser didn’t want to come off, and then the rear hangers were completely shot. Where can I buy new rear exhaust mounts from that the hangers attach too? I can’t seem to find them anywhere
  3. Clio chris 197

    Exhaust centre box blowing.

    Hi, the exhaust has started blowing really badly, I had a look underneath it today, and it’s from the weld going into the centre box. I’m wondering if this the perfect excuse to fit an uprated system. Which systems do people recommend ? i’ve seen gravity ones on the bay which look half decent...
  4. Clio chris 197

    Radio code not working - error code displayed

    Hi guys, I’ve had my Clio up and running for a week now, and I love it! There’s the normal few gremlins arising but I expected that. Not having a radio all week is one of them, and even more annoyingly, the lack of a clock ( because of the stereo) It’s a cabasse head unit, with the amp under...
  5. Clio chris 197

    197 tuning newbie questions

    Hi, I brought my first 197 last night to use as a daily and track toy. I plan to go back to the Nurburgring and spa next year with it. I brought it knowing that the exhaust flexes are blowing and that the cam belt needs doing, as well as a good service etc. My question is while it’s having the...