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  1. Dmonk197

    New owner 197 F1 for track day fun

    im booked to Bedford for the 14th of Septemeber.
  2. Dmonk197

    Just booked Bedford for the 14th September- anyone else?

    unfiurtunatly i dont do lots- but would love a go one day with Semi Slicks
  3. Dmonk197

    Just booked Bedford for the 14th September- anyone else?

    Thanks, last month i had no issues and i have my center silencer removed. i find that long stretch is a little under powered but only against much more powerful cars- and our corner speed is faster so they tend to slow down at the end of it. Can wait to get back, will have proper tires and LSD...
  4. Dmonk197

    Just booked Bedford for the 14th September- anyone else?

    Had first track day last month. booked again. car will have Michelin PS4 - (Last track had crappy old one and was wet) had clutch slipping and brakes juddering- this time will have DS2500 pads and new clutch. also while doing clutch would be rude not to recondition the box for the dreaded...
  5. Dmonk197

    Raptor6767's Megane 265 Cup hybrid daily/track build

    Wow good effort- enjoyed reading that!
  6. Dmonk197

    F1 Liquid Yellow New Owner

    Welcome Nice car- i like how the black front spoiler looks against the yellow. if you ever selling those wheels i might be tempted. Does anyone know if you can get the side skirt metal plate insert in the doorstep under the door when you open the door where it says Renault sports- can you get...
  7. Dmonk197

    Suj's Nimbus Clio 197 and E36 328i Trackcar

    nice work, the holiday could sound cool, what is cost price? where can i see details as the website linkes many different trips?
  8. Dmonk197

    Clock display format change

    I have an after market and the expensive wires to go with it and mine display always shows time and temperature. does not display the radio though.
  9. Dmonk197

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Deal

    Kwick fit are now doing 15% off with fitting comes to £354 KFSTAY is the code.
  10. Dmonk197

    Tires- road use and a couple TD's??
  11. Dmonk197

    Tires- road use and a couple TD's??

    Thank you. Most of my daily driving is just short local journeys maybe twice a week. Rest of the time is country lane driving 2/3 TD a year and maybe a couple driving events. Like carlimits on the 4th of september ;-)
  12. Dmonk197

    Tires- road use and a couple TD's??

    So I was going to get the Yoko AD08 R but hard to find now and I read the new AD08RS are not as good. So what's the next best tire to get please? Ps4? Cup 2? Similarly what's the best pad for same use, I have standard brembo set up and got severe juddering for 1 session on my TD (first...
  13. Dmonk197

    Renault Specialists in West London

    I use Beaniesport near Bedford, or there is two tech near dartford.
  14. Dmonk197

    Group Buy Interest - RECARO Retrim

    i would be interested too if there is a group buy.,
  15. Dmonk197

    Clio salvage buyer

    do you break for parts? could i give a list of parts im after?
  16. Dmonk197

    Aftermarket Exhaust - Scorpion

    you say you have a standard system- before changing anything why not remove your center silencer for £50 and see how you get along. i did this and its one of the best mods i have done, so in love with the sound i get now from my car.
  17. Dmonk197

    Gearbox help

    Beniesport has installed one to one of his cars for testing and will offer this if he is satisfied. supposedly a rally team in Russia use it so its promising.
  18. Dmonk197

    Gearbox help

    worth noting if you go to beaniesport he should soon be offering the Russian Diff he has been testing, which should be fitted while rebuilding your gearbox.
  19. Dmonk197

    Recaro Retrim ( possible )Offer

    Also was OEM @£225 per seat?
  20. Dmonk197

    Bumper Under-trey for 197?

    breakers- otherwise let me know what you find as im looking for the same tray.