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  1. PITA

    Injector length

    Does anyone know if there’s any significance to the length of the injectors on the 197/200? More specifically the tip. It looks as though they have an extended tip to reach further into the lower inlet and my new 630cc ones don’t! Are the tips interchangeable? Do they matter? TIA
  2. PITA

    Fuel pump cutout cover

    I’m sure I’ve seen a pre-made cover for the extended fuel pump hole that’s needed when you upgrade the pump?! I can’t for the life of me find it though. TIA
  3. PITA

    200: Liquid Yellow 200 Chesterfield Rd A632

    Arkwright by the M1 I was unfortunately in the Volvo:confounded:
  4. PITA

    Grey 197 M6 Birmingham

    Spotted this morning northbound between 5 and 6.
  5. PITA

    Camber tops

    Is it safe to run my camber adjustable tops with the bolts close together like this? If not, I won’t be able to adjust it to max camber on the car
  6. PITA

    MK4 Shark Fin Aerial

    It’s a direct fit for the standard aerial. Same mounting, retention nut and aerial connection. It has a connection for sat nav too in case you have the tomtom.
  7. PITA

    New Powerflex Lower Mount

    Lower Mount Will fit all 197/200s. You can choose how hard you want it from a purple/yellow mix, all purple or all black
  8. PITA

    Too much castor

    Does anyone know why my front wheels sit so far forward compared to others? @Foxspeed I’ve heard your the wizard Drivers Passengers
  9. PITA

    Is this caliper repairable?

    Looks like someone had a game getting the pin out and mashed the piston housing.
  10. PITA

    Early and later strut tops

    Does anyone know if the 3 bolts are the same distance apart on the 197/early 200 and the later 200? Would anyone be kind enough to grab a few dims of the earlier top? TIA
  11. PITA

    Radiator mount removal

    Does the subframe need dropping to remove the hangers?
  12. PITA

    Wishbone poly bushes

    Has anyone fitted these? Any tips? Do you know a garage who has done them/can do them? TIA
  13. PITA

    Air con compressor

    Does anyone know if there are any special tools required to change the AC compressor? Is it just a case of loosening off the tensioner for the auxiliary belt and physically changing it or do I need to lock anything in? TIA
  14. PITA

    Megane 3 RS Calipers

    Are these a direct replacement for the Clio Brembo calipers? I’ve read mixed things
  15. PITA

    PITAs GW 200 FF Cup

    Here’s my glacier white full fat with cup suspension 200. I bought her standard apart from some Cooksport springs and the wheels being diamond cut :think: I’ve bought some OZ Ultraleggera off @suj, had them refurbed in matte black and shod in some 225/45/17 AD08RS’ Plans are to get the...
  16. PITA

    Rear caliper material

    Does anyone know what the rear calipers are made of? They seem to be Alu and have not corroded like the carriers. TIA
  17. PITA

    200: Silver 200 Longbridge Lane

    Didn’t catch the ref, looked nice!
  18. PITA

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Deal

    ATS Euromaster are doing 4 PS4 for £378 plus you get an Amazon Fire tab worth £90
  19. PITA

    4 or 6 Braided Hoses

    What are your opinions on 4 or 6 hoses? Are 6 required and what do the extra 2 replace? TIA
  20. PITA

    GW 200 with the cup pack

    Hi all, I’m the owner of the below 200 full fat with cup pack. I’m based in Solihull near Birmingham. My first car was a Clio 1.2 which was quickly followed up with a 1.8 16v mk1 ph2 which was a fun car to own. Following that I’ve had a line of boring company cars including my current Volvo...