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  1. ashtons99

    Carbon fibre wrap - recommendations

    I’m looking for a recommended supplier for some 3 and 5d wrap for an interior job. Can anyone recommend a good source for some decent film please
  2. ashtons99

    220T: Can anyone look at a car for me - Hamptons of Surrey

    It’s a LY 220 Trophy. I’m 200 miles away. Just not brave enough to hit the buy button without viewing
  3. ashtons99

    Wife dictates it has to be a LY - anything for sale out there ?

    I’m quite untroubled by colour choice but my wife says if we are having one it has to be yellow so if anyone has a late model one they are thinking of selling in LY and this akrapovich exhaust please shout up. Money burning a hole
  4. ashtons99

    Akrapovich for Mk 4 clio n/a on website

    It would seem from their website that an exhaust for the mk4 200/220 isn’t available albeit it is an option or was on the 220;trophy any ideas?
  5. ashtons99

    Colour sales ?

    I just wondered if there is a database of sales on the 220 like there is on the earlier Clios. Just interested to know what numbers and colours have sold in this model
  6. ashtons99

    Clio 220 or GTI PP/TCR

    I’m shopping around, I have a few older Clios and although I’m quite loyal to the brand I’m fancying something about 12 months old. I’d sort of settled on a Golf Mk7.5 GTi with performance pack or even the less common TCR for which I’m looking around £26k- £30k Last night however I had a quick...
  7. ashtons99

    200: Phew...belts, dephaser and service done.

    I’ve had the car a few years now and done very few miles in it. It’s a 2010 with 28k on. I’ve always had the oil services done but took the plunge 2 weeks ago and had the belts and dephaser done. I’ve not used the car since 2017 but since having the service done I’ve used it when it’s been dry...
  8. ashtons99

    There's an Akro there somewhere !

    Just a quick before and after, the salt and grime on our 4 day tour of Northumberland & Borders took 3 washes to shift.
  9. ashtons99

    Another year past by

    Both very good in their own ways. I would be torn to choose if I had to sell one. Couldn't resist a same location shot !
  10. ashtons99

    Is a standard 200 exhaust worth anything ?

    I fitted an Akro Evo system about 18 months ago. I have been hanging onto the original in case I sell the car to fit standard back on and sell Akro but I'm thinking I might never bother. Are the standard ones worth anything, if they are I will sell, if not I will let our local gypo scrap...
  11. ashtons99

    200: View on non main dealer history

    Up to now my AG 200 has dealers stamps for all its services. The car has done about 25k as I recall although I didn't use it last year, it's been in heated storage albeit that's not relevant to my question. It has come to the point where it's of the age that it will need the belts doing. I...
  12. ashtons99

    Wheel refurb recommendations

    Ive had a spare set of wheels for the Trophy refurbed. It's an ok job but not the best so I'm looking for somewhere Yorkshire based who will do a really good job. I've had metal magic at Barnsley mentioned. Are there any other suggestions based on experience and quality
  13. ashtons99

    Same location different colour !

    Just a quick pic of my 2 Clios, 12 months apart but same Kielder car park, same view
  14. ashtons99

    No good at sport but just got a Trophy!!

    I picked this up today. The car is in fantastic condition for a 10 year old one. Loads of history and receipts. I'm looking forward to a week in Scottish Borders in it later in month and seeing how it compares to my 200.
  15. ashtons99

    I'm fancying a Trophy

    Not for being a 180 darts champ but a 182 Clio. There's not much about at the moment and certainly nothing with sub 50k miles. If anyone knows of a nice one give me a shout. It seems like they do fetch a premium over the 182 presumably due to the 500 production run.
  16. ashtons99

    Well I've not driven mine yet this year!

    Apart from a trip to the dealer for a service and an MOT I've not used the AG200. I keep it in heated storage about 15 miles from my house and go over there occasionally to start it up but that's about as far as it's been. I spent so long detailing it when I put it away I'm loathe to get it...
  17. ashtons99

    Who was it that came up with a good route for a 3 day Scotland tour

    I've tried searching but I recall probably last year or 2013 someone posting a 3 night trip exploring Scotland and some of the best bits. Does les anyone remember who it was
  18. ashtons99

    TAN55E A1M Doncaster

    Nice clean white one this aft
  19. ashtons99

    Has my membership run out

    I've been a member since 2012 but now can't access certain areas of the site. Can anyone advise
  20. ashtons99

    Recommendation for main dealer service - Yorkshire

    I used to use Brian Leighton at Goole until sadly they shut their doors. I'm reluctant to go to the goons at Evans Halshaw locally so looking for any recommendations