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  1. PITA

    PITAs GW 200 FF Cup

    I have a spare number plate section of bumper that I’ll cut out and I’ll relieve the bumper support behind the plate section.
  2. PITA

    Joe's GW Clio 200

    That’s a very healthy result, bet you’re chuffed!
  3. PITA

    PITAs GW 200 FF Cup

    I’m going to use some 2mm twin wall polycarbonate to make a template. It’s translucent so you can mark all the fixing points without guessing.
  4. PITA

    PITAs GW 200 FF Cup

    Small update: The larger intercooler spec has been finalised and will go into production. They’re going to use my car to make a new set of boost pipes too as the ones Mitch at Proline had made were for a car without the fuse/relay box in position so they don’t fit road cars very well. The...
  5. PITA

    K20 my Clio

    Let me know what you want for it, I may be interested for a forged build
  6. PITA

    Cup vs Non cup?

    0.05cm thicker ARB. The 200 cup and cup pack are thicker still 21mm IIRC
  7. PITA

    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    As @suj says you may or may not get some clearance issues on the OSR. Mine was close but others have had to knock the panel in slightly.
  8. PITA

    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    What do you want to know? I’m currently running 3.5 degrees of camber and 6 degrees of caster with them.
  9. PITA

    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    Their* :poke: As above!
  10. PITA

    Wheel Arch “Bag”

    Same on mine
  11. PITA

    What's wrong!?!

    Have a look at cylinder 4s coil pack for water ingress, the washers tend to leak onto them causing water to pool above them. Cylinders run 1-4 from the flywheel (gearbox) end
  12. PITA

    200 Front Bumper Support Panel

    eBay The non RS one looks identical to the RS one for the same facelift years
  13. PITA

    Joe's GW Clio 200

  14. PITA

    R20 BTG - Supreme Motorsport Track Car Build

    I’m running very similar geo with corner weighting and it’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll love it
  15. PITA

    K20 my Clio

  16. PITA

    Alternator Removal

    Front bumper off jobbie
  17. PITA

    Alloy wheel opinions for 197

    Biased but:
  18. PITA

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    Swan neck spanner’s are another option but they look pretty :sunglasses:
  19. PITA

    Autec Wizard

    You’ll probably have rubbing with 225/45 at that offset