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  1. LiamS77

    GW 200 Oldbury Sainsburys

    spotted parked next to mine, nice and clean.
  2. LiamS77

    GW 200. A Work In Progress

    Hi, everyone thought it was about time i started a project thread. So picked the car up from Wrexham a 3 hour round trip from to member of her called Red cup, a keen photographer and a top chap. Apart from one small mark on the front wheel where the wheel had been curbed the car was in excellent...
  3. LiamS77

    Akrapovic exhaust sound

    Hi. Garage just fitting the exhaust today and sounds better in real life than on u tube vids but when comming off the throttle at about 3000-3500 revs it sound quite tinny. Just wondering if this is normal or u think it may be rubbing on something? At curborough tommorow so if you guys could...
  4. LiamS77

    Sprint booster and remap

    Hi. If i have a sprint booster and then get a remap will this effect it or will it better to take it off and then get the re-map.
  5. LiamS77

    Front speakers not working

    Hi, both my front speakers have stopped working. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. LiamS77

    Door card removal

    Hi, has anyone got a how to, to remove the door card as my left speaker likes to decide when to come on and off by itsself. Thanks
  7. LiamS77

    New member in West Mids

    Hi all, finally put down a deposit for a clio 200, pick up next week can not wait. White clio 200,FF,cup pack,black speedlines and cup spoiler proud: Will get some pics up next week
  8. LiamS77

    Newbie saying hello

    Hi, im liam from the west midlands just saying hello, been looking around the forum for a few week now seems really friendly and you know you stuff. Been looking for a 200 for a few weeks but trying to find one with the right spec, colour and in my price range is not a easy task. I drive a...