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  1. massivewangers

    06 nimbus 197 daily track toy

    Looking forward to hearing what this sounds like!
  2. massivewangers

    Wheel Sizes

    Yeah R3 wheels are 7J. Can't say that bothers me really. You can still use the factory tyre (you could probably get a 225 on if you really wanted to) and they sit perfectly in the arches. They're pretty light too. An extra 0.5 - 1.0 inch would just add unsprung weight :tearsofjoy:
  3. massivewangers

    Wheel Sizes

    I used to use hypermesh and abacus. Would probably struggle these days lol No spigot rings on my car. R3 wheels are the correct centre bore and sit perfectly in my totally biased opinion:
  4. massivewangers

    Van Loon R.S.16 replica

    I think I'd just buy a Mégane lol
  5. massivewangers

    Wheel Sizes

    I run ET41 17x7J on mine with a 215 tyre. It's pretty level with the arches at the front. I would have thought that ET40 with a 7.5 or 8J rim would be pushing it a bit to be honest.
  6. massivewangers

    The Definitive Exhaust Manifold Thread

    I paid about £150 for the manifold I think, but I got it when there was an eBay sale on, so it was a bit cheaper. Stock of the Toyosport does seem to come and go. I can't remember how much I paid for the Powerflex inserts. I think the bottom one is the most critical one though, as the standard...
  7. massivewangers

    The Definitive Exhaust Manifold Thread

    I paid about £250 to have mine fitted I think. I haven't had any issues with it knocking on the subframe or anything like that, though I do have Powerflex mount inserts. I think the flexi is blowing a bit already though lol
  8. massivewangers

    My RB 197

    Not much has happened with this lately. Losing my job has put a stop to me having too much fun unfortunately. Decided to tick off a couple of jobs this weekend though. I bought some 200 Cup dampers from RPD a while ago, but only got round to fitting them today: Also finished sorting the...
  9. massivewangers

    Our Intake

    The thing is, it's designed for competition cars, rather than road cars, so aimed at a different market. When someone built an R3 car, they would have to make up little brackets for various things, so it's pretty normal for that sort of application. Not ideal for those wanting one on a road car...
  10. massivewangers

    Purchased a megane 275 trophy

    Very nice! Loved my 265, would definitely like another. Seems odd that the headlights aren't very good on the facelift, as they were pretty good on the pre-facelift. Not a great move Renault lol
  11. massivewangers

    Budget mods you’ve done...

    Looks good!
  12. massivewangers

    White 200 Cup - Norwich

    Yeah I'm about Norwich a bit so it may have been. Someone told me they've seen another RB with white wheels in Norwich too, but I haven't seen that one!
  13. massivewangers

    My RB 197

    Car went in this week to have the manifold swapped out: New and old: Evidence of a previous repair: It's better, but I do wonder if there is a bit of a blow from the join. Sounds a bit odd with the windows down. Will see how it goes for now. The guy at the garage said to just pop back...
  14. massivewangers

    The crunchy 197

    That wing is massive. Each to their own I guess. I know someone who fitted one to his Corsa VXR, but it only lasted a couple of months as he got so much grief for it lol
  15. massivewangers

    My RB 197

    Had the rear wheels balanced today: Had the fronts done a couple of weeks ago as, ever since I fitted the Speedlines, there was a bad vibration through the steering. The fronts were 50g and 20g out and, while having them balanced improved it a lot, I could still feel some vibration through...
  16. massivewangers

    White 200 Cup - Norwich

    Spotted this today, anyone on here?
  17. massivewangers

    Best track tyre

    I think this is probably true of all elements of car modification for track use. So many people buy a car and reel off a list of modifications that they've convinced themselves that they "need" before they can go on track but, in most cases, they don't actually add very much. The people I know...
  18. massivewangers

    Anti-Roll Bar Sizes

    Can you get them? What sort of price for them?
  19. massivewangers

    The crunchy 197

    £7 for the filter?! What's it from? I am still a bit gutted that I couldn't fit it. I'm sure it will be much better than my home brew thing!
  20. massivewangers

    Beanys RB 200 cup

    Yeah I always think autumn/winter is the best time for track days. You lose the evening ones, but gain weekend dates and they're usually cheaper too.