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  1. craigy197

    Blower number 4 not work

    Hi all my blower on number 4 won't work, 1,2,3 all work still anyone have idea, phoned Ktec but not helpful at all just said would need car as not seen on my clio
  2. craigy197

    Can hear water whooshing about

    Hi all with all rain about, I can hear water whooshing about at front any ideas how I can get rid is it in the scuttle bit, if so how do I drain it out ? Thanks in advance
  3. craigy197

    Why oh why

    Moved my car from my driveway for a few hours, as I was getting my great big oak tree trimmed right down, as bloody bird poo and sap killing my car, and then find this on my boot, goes in Monday to body shop £240 to get right thanks very much
  4. craigy197

    New aerial

    Got myself this and works fine on my car, got off eBay item number 121383059772 not many left though
  5. craigy197

    A31 yellow clio 197/200

    Bout 1430 I was on other side heading back to Southampton you was heading Bournemouth way
  6. craigy197

    Blue 197/200 Southampton

    Spotted in redbridge rd, car was in car park near the park, person was sat in car with door open would say time was about 12.30 to 1300 ish
  7. craigy197

    Best swirl remover

    I mainly use the zaino range, they do a zaino PC,which have just ordered but wanted to know what other people use, and how easy is it to correct
  8. craigy197

    Trs strap bolt

    Where can I buy a trs bolt to fit my clio 197 cup? And be able to put the cover over it, so it looks neat, Thanks in advance
  9. craigy197

    Tinted headlights/rear lights

    Has anyone done this, I have a white cup with black roof, was thinking whether or not to tint the headlights fog lights and rear lights, but unsure on how it would look or suit it
  10. craigy197

    Froch v groves

    So who peeps think will win tonight, I want froch, but have a feeling groves will win
  11. craigy197

    What is peoples bhp figures on a 197?

    Just wanted to see what average bhp is on a 197, I know every car is different and have added mods
  12. craigy197

    Ktec induction kit

    Been reading old threads on this and still can't make up my mind to get or not, I got the Ktec exhaust and remap fitted so thought bout adding this on now, Can you hear this induction sucking in the air and is it worth the money and with mods I got already will I see or feel a difference,
  13. craigy197

    Little plaque I had made

    As thread says
  14. craigy197

    Black r27 m271

    Bout 17.20 sat in traffic you in outta lane I was inner lane did put my hand up and looked was a 57 plate I think
  15. craigy197

    Show plates

    Anyone know where decent online to get some showplates made like these that renault do.
  16. craigy197

    Not a good day

    Dropped my car at Ktec on sat, for it's mot today and to have new pads front and rear and my brake lines fitted, then I get told i need new springs as got a big crack in it, and the arm needs replacing, then say discs front and rear could do with replacing. So now have a huge bill of over £1600...
  17. craigy197

    Pride and joy car show

    Is anyone going from here to this, I have put my name down at piston heads and got a ticket, Details of it
  18. craigy197

    Some pics at new forest

  19. craigy197

    Clean gw cup with Zaino

  20. craigy197

    Brake lines

    Never had these fitted to any of my cars owned, do they really make a difference having them on car ? Looking at the Goodridge brake lines Thanks all