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  1. Mark_L

    Retro rides gathering

    Saw a few 197's in the car park! Nimbus Cup on ultraleggera's, sporting a roof box and the best no. Plate for a cup! Black with Cup spoiler and yellow boot badge, and an Albi blue. Didn't get pics of the other two as I spotted when I was driving out!
  2. Mark_L


    Over the 23 years I've been restoring classics I decided to show a few on here as we're all Car Lover's. There's a lot I don't have, but then later on I started taking a lot more pictures. I guess smartphones have made things a little easier. First up a S1 e type roadster I did whilst in...
  3. Mark_L

    Anyone any good with Photoshop?

    Don't know whether to hold out and have my wheels done properly in anthracite or just get some satin black and paint the silverstones. Could just fit the std wheels as the blue isn't doing it for me! Not the best pic. Don't know about leaving the sprint spoiler in black either??
  4. Mark_L

    Blue 197 with yellow wheels Midlands safari park

    Saw a blue 197 think it was albi with yellow wheels in the West Midland safari park car park on Sunday. Didn't get close enough to see the actual colour..
  5. Mark_L

    Mark's Nimbus 197 T Cup

    So I bought this silver 197 cup yesterday. Which belonged to Jesse James. How it's been up for sale for so long I have no idea. Maybe blue isn't to everyone's taste. Not sure on how to put pics up since photobucket changed. So...