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  1. burrellbloke

    Wheel Arch “Bag”

    I had not noticed until today that in the passenger side front arch I have got what looks like a padded black “bag” thing, but in the drivers side front arch there is nothing similar. Can anyone tell me what this is, and if I should have one in the drivers side front arch?
  2. burrellbloke

    Fitting Rear Beam Bushes

    I had some purple Powerflex rear beam bushes delivered today. They are massive. I have looked around but cannot seem to find a decent guide on how to fit them. I am hoping this is a job I can do without removing the rear beam, but just dropping the beam when removing the rear dampers? If...
  3. burrellbloke

    Liquid Yellow - A130 - CL10 xxx

    I saw a liquid yellow 200T this morning on the A130 heading towards Chelmsford in Essex. It had a CL10 registration. Anyone on here?
  4. burrellbloke

    Cleaning Coilovers

    What would be the best way/product to clean up the front dampers to get them back to their original shiny metal look?
  5. burrellbloke

    Coilover Questions

    I have acquired a set of Bilstein B14 coilovers for my Clio which have covered about 6,000 miles on a previous car. I have had a quick look at the equipment and there are no obvious leaks or damage to the seals. I am going to install the coilovers with @EthanMenace on my drive. I have watched...
  6. burrellbloke

    Ball Joints

    My car is at the garage today for an MOT. It has just failed on one of the drivers side ball joints. The car does not need to be fixed immediately as I have access to another car. If the work is being done is it worth getting the upper and lower ball joints on both sides replaced? Also...
  7. burrellbloke

    What Size is This Screw?

    When I took my wheels off of the Clio yesterday I noticed an ugly screw that I think holds the arch liner to the bottom of the bodywork. Can anyone tell me what size/length etc., etc the screw and washer are so I can order some replacements that will not rust?
  8. burrellbloke

    Megane 280 Tyres

    I have had my Megane 280 since January 2020 and the front tyres are looking a bit worn. Has anyone got any good tyre recommendations to fit a 245/35 R19 wheel? I am tempted to go for some Michelin Pilot Sport 4s.
  9. burrellbloke

    AG 200 on A12

    I spotted an Alien Green 200 on the A12 near to Chelmsford heading in the direction of Colchester about 10 am today. Was it anyone on here?
  10. burrellbloke

    Clio 200 Tailgate

    Does anyone know if a Clio 197/200 tailgate will fit the back of a Clio 200 with the seats down? I am on the lookout for a new tailgate so I can remove my tailgate with a GT spoiler on it and replace it with a newer tailgate, and eventually a Cup spoiler.
  11. burrellbloke

    Remove GT Spolier

    Does anyone know how to remove a GT spoiler? I have got a GT spoiler on my Clio and I just want to take off the spoiler to clean underneath and then put it back on. Between the tailgate and GT spoiler there is a line of green grime that needs a good scrub. Underneath the spoiler at either side...
  12. burrellbloke

    How Many Left?

    I was trying to find out how many 182 Trophies are still on UK roads and came across a website called How Many Left. I was looking through the various categories they had and the searched for Clio 200 Cups. How Many Left suggests that there were only up to 390 Renault Clio 200 Cups registered...
  13. burrellbloke

    Wiper Not Reaching Far Enough

    I took the wiper arms off go my Clio 200 a few weeks ago when I cleaned the scuttle drains. I have put the arms back on but now when the wipers are on the drivers side wiper arm does not reach across as far as it did. Basically the arm comes from the down position and then comes within about 7...
  14. burrellbloke

    Engine Mount Bolts?

    The lower engine mount metalwork (on the left hand side of the engine bay if you were stood in front of the car) on my car looks a little worse for wear. The actual mount has been replaced with a Powerflex mount. It does not help that there is some debris down there that I have not yet cleaned...
  15. burrellbloke

    Engine Bay Plastic Panel Screw Threaded

    One of the engine bay screws that holds in the alarm bracket and plastic fairing is threaded on my car. Well, the screw is not threaded but the hole it fits in to. I bought some engine dress bolts from eBay which came with M6 screws. That has the same problem in the same hole. It fits it but...
  16. burrellbloke

    High Temp Sealant

    Can anyone recommend a high temperature sealant that I can use to put round the top of my coil pack/spark plug hole to stop any moisture getting in? Ideally anything that is a reasonably price and available from Amazon/Halfords/eBay etc. would be great.
  17. burrellbloke

    Throttle Dirty?

    I fitted a K-Tec induction kit today and when the airfeed pipes were off I took a photograph of the throttle. Are the black deposits normal for a car that is 10 years old? Also, should I clean the throttle body to make sure none of the deposits do not adversely effect the car?
  18. burrellbloke

    Tar Stains Removal

    My Clio was washed at the weekend. It was covered in tar as a few roads near my home have been resurfaced recently. I used some Auto Glym tar remover and it got rid of the obvious black surface tar but my car has been left with speckled brown stains now. I have tried an Auto Glym clay bar to...
  19. burrellbloke

    Seat Belt Plug

    Can anyone tell me how to get this plug off? I am trying to change my standard seat belts for some yellow seat belts. I cannot work out how to get this plug apart. There is a red flap that will go up and down, and a small plastic part that will push downwards. But I have been trying for ages...
  20. burrellbloke

    Glacier White 200 Cup

    I bought a glacier white Clio 200 cup in in April 2020 together with my son. COVID had struck and I was mainly working from home. My son, who is 19, was furloughed and he was bored. We decided to look out for a “cheap” 197 that was no more than £2,000 and buy it as a bit of an experiment to see...