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  1. Cossers

    Any Spanish members on here??

    trying to get a specialist car item for a very old car, made contact with an auto parts place in Spain who I think have the parts but communications is quite hard, would love some help if possible :smile: Actually just found out they are in Tenerife! Cheers Anthony
  2. Cossers

    WSB coming to Northern Ireland:-)

    Clearing site well underway and only a few miles from where I live woo hoo! Looks like the v6 exige is Gona have somewhere to stretch it’s legs when I get it! I thought it was all pie in the sky tbh but it’s really happening :-)
  3. Cossers

    Anyone else's car going well?

    have to say, I know I'm tempting fate but my car is going so well! I've never been in another one to compare but when I bought it the previous owner did mention that it had been remarked to but rs tuning how fit the car was when it was being mapped, then my mechanic also remarked about how well...
  4. Cossers

    Happy man :-)

    Had the mot booked a few weeks back and thought most was ok but upon inspection with wheels off found the rear calipers ( which I knew there was an issue with due to the surface rust on them) to be fubar'ed! Tried to release the pistons but well gone! So I hit the yards and my local supplied me...
  5. Cossers

    Wind back tool pin distances

    would really appreciate if anyone with a wind back tool could give me the distance between the two pins and confirm it's a right hand turn one I need :-) Cheers all.
  6. Cossers

    What grade oil and best type coolant

    get a big service done shortly, just wanted to ask primarily about the correct coolant to use, relaults own or other, cars been on Mobil oils so prob stick with that unless otherwise advised not to :-)
  7. Cossers

    Photo sharing websites

    sorry but can someone recommend a good free photo sharing site and a step by step dickhead Guide to posting! Had no issues with photo bucket until they got greedy but since that I've had issues with what link I use then it's too small or doesn't work at all and just comes up as txt :-(
  8. Cossers

    Dream house or dream car?

    I've always been into house design and interiors as much as I've been into cars, I began to train as an architect but went another route, Ive got a nice house (in my eyes) but it doesn't exactly push the boundaries in the design sides of things which is what I really love to see in a...
  9. Cossers

    Can't believe it!

    someone is only going to build a racetrack a couple of mile from my house! If it turns out anything like the plans it will be epic :-)
  10. Cossers

    Caliper referb kits?

    hi all Would anyone have any links to front and rear caliper referb kits? Would also appreciate any links to the correct pistons front and rear just incase I need any :smile: Thanks all in advance :smile:
  11. Cossers

    Liquid yellow r27 around 7pm Portadown

    spotted coming from protadown direction heading to Gilford direction
  12. Cossers

    Cheapest place to get genuine std pads and set of rear discs

    As above, got minted in and its dust city! Dooin my nut in, don't need it to flip over breaking so want to go std again and possible new rear discs, only want oem Cheers Anthony
  13. Cossers

    Genuine carbon heater panel and dash trim

    Just wondering can this be got anywhere, I've nothing aginst dipped stuff but having had real stuff I'd just like to go down that route. Cheers Anthony
  14. Cossers

    My Albi blue r27

    I'm in the middle of spending quite a bit on my house at the moment and to make matters worse I just spotted a nice site which has made me think about building again so my planned spend on upgrades might be slow but I thought I'd start a thread anyway. Bought my car approx a month ago, bought...
  15. Cossers

    Space saver spare wheel

    is there a space saver spare wheel to fit the Clio 197? I realise that it will probably not clear the front calipers if I get a flat but Ill put the saver on the back and that wheel on the front if I get a front flat tyre, a bit of arising around but I hate that crappy foam stuff :-( Sorry if...
  16. Cossers

    Coil over that are close to std cup setup?

    Im a novice to the 197 so I might get some things wrong, I have a r27, fantastic condition throughout inc the undercarriage but had it on the ramp and the wheels off for a nosey and noticed the struts looking a bit sorry for themselves, bit of surface rust etc, will be cleaned up temporary but...
  17. Cossers

    #452/500 albi blue

    As above just aquired no 452 Cheers Anthony
  18. Cossers

    It's home :-) some pics

    feel like it's taking sand to the beach but here are a few pics at its new home, weather crappy so as soon as I'm on a road trip I'll be sure to take in a few better pics, Ie location. Loved the drive home, it's taught! Lol, love the crackles of the exhaust even when your going slow...
  19. Cossers

    Hi all, just done a deal

    hi all, just done a deal on a jmax's 197 f1! It's soo clean, I'm a keen detailer myself and when I seen it I was blown away, the pics don't really do it justice is all I'll say, it's a second car for me and I'll do my best to keep it as good as John has, still can't believe I've bought it! Well...