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  1. Cossers

    Nearly 3 Years Later...... Finally

    Well done, looks lovely, as mint as I thought it would be, funnily I took the head staggers and advertised mine last Thursday, sold to the first guy that say it on Saturday, tbh I’ll probably end up regretting it but I wanted to slim the fleet to just one car next year (997.2) if possible and...
  2. Cossers

    Not Been On For A While - Quick Update

    Thanks @Micah yes puts things into perspective, I havnt been on for a bit either, just been busy and thought about letting the Clio go but every time I get in it and really drive it hard I fall in love again, they are just so good at going around corners, the closest thing I’ve drove that...
  3. Cossers

    Not Been On For A While - Quick Update

    Very sorry to hear that :-( yes, sometimes life has a habit of kicking you in the ass and making you take a good look at things and think ‘what the hell am I doing?’ Get the clio out and drive it, drive it hard! I went to a friends funeral a couple of weeks back and it makes you think! I’m all...
  4. Cossers

    Anyone With Keyless Entry Please Read

    Can understand that with a 3k Clio but a pristine r27 ain’t a 3k Clio.
  5. Cossers

    Group Buy Interest - RECARO Retrim

    This guy is top of his game, shipping is my issue or I’d be all over this! Just curious, if the covers that are on the seats are in great condition, can they be saved and reused?
  6. Cossers

    Too Much or Worth It?

    I love my little r27, it’s very clean and lowish miles all things considered it’s nearly 12 years old, FUTURE classic, possibly, all depends on how hard it is going to get to keep a petrol car on the road, unless I was utterly loaded it rather try and keep a nice petrol 997 on the road as it’s a...
  7. Cossers

    Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................

    Lol mate, sort of himing and Haaing about selling, just trying to slim down to one car, possibly a Porsche again as a v6 exige is too hard to shift over here and there is no great dealer back up! If I keep it I’m replacing the rear discs, caliper referb, wheels powder coated and possibly a new...
  8. Cossers

    Shuv's Racing Blue 200...................

    Good to see you back mate :smile: thought you had lost intrest and sold it! Would a bit ironic if I was to say glad to see you still have it as I sit writing and add on eBay for mine! Lol What’s all the milled alloy bits with the load of Allen keys? What about ///M do you hear from him at all...
  9. Cossers

    Rear end wobble

    If your going to change to cup spec, I’d do the lot, std front (worn) struts, new cup rear and a set of h&r sounds like a bad mix to me if I’m honest! I’d be looking at the bilsten coilovers route tbh!
  10. Cossers

    Rear end wobble

    I’ve cup shocks and H&r springs, rear end can be a bit bouncy on a bad road but there is no wobble of any kind! If you have checked your shocks then replacing them with new ones isn’t going to cure a wobble of some sort, is your car a cup? Just asking as I don’t know if there are any issues with...
  11. Cossers

    200: Akropovic system - far too loud?!

    Ktr induction kit, decat and Ktr system, just tried that app above, @89 at idle and @93 outside at rear of car on idle, driving gets a bit louder again, sounds well but is a racket! Lol, I’ve heard Turks Akro and it’s reserved compared to mine, I’m sure he will confirm this :-)
  12. Cossers

    New LY R27 Owner!

    Hi, that looks lovely
  13. Cossers

    Immobiliser issue, car won’t start..

    Nice one lads, nice to see you trying hard to help a fellow member! Hats off!
  14. Cossers

    Immobiliser issue, car won’t start..

    Tell you what Turk, you have done your best, the guy hasn’t replied from Saturday, just leave it to he comes back on this mate :-)
  15. Cossers

    Jimmy's Deep Black R27 no.243 - Goodbye kid, it's been a blast.

    No probs, id say mine is close to as clean as that but I have to say I’m surprised it’s sat so long! I think it’s worth at least that all day long, only thing is mine has twice the miles, still low for a near 11 yr old car bit you know what I mean, I’ll not give it away either as I don’t have to...
  16. Cossers

    Jimmy's Deep Black R27 no.243 - Goodbye kid, it's been a blast.

    No probs Here you go, was on at over 10k, he has just revised to £8995, it was that or best offer a few days back! As clean a 197 as I’ve ever seen, looks in stunning condition, just look at the belts, pedals and rocket cover on the thing...
  17. Cossers

    Jimmy's Deep Black R27 no.243 - Goodbye kid, it's been a blast.

    Funnily enough this my second car to keep the vxr good! Lol, I agree with you on the buyers market though, I’m lucky enough not to need to sell but I’d not take less than 5K! I’ve seen an absolute mint r27 in liquid yellow on eBay for quite a while now, the guy is looking offers below 9k and it...
  18. Cossers

    Jimmy's Deep Black R27 no.243 - Goodbye kid, it's been a blast.

    Totally understand too, sometimes I get the feeling of selling mine too, prob a good offer and it would be away too! Lol, I think a lot of people like to own one for a year or two then it’s a, been there, done that kind of thing!
  19. Cossers

    Hi, new 200 from Italy

    Hi :-) just back fron Riva del Garda! Lovely place, tight roads!
  20. Cossers


    Hi and welcome although I’m not on much nowadays :-)