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    R26 battery cutoff switch

    The autolec battery cutoff switch has an auxiliary contact (5A rated) to cut the ignition circuit when the switch is operated thus killing the engine immediately. Has anyone a suggestion as to where to break into the wiring to achieve this (somewhere nice and easy). Does anyone have access to a...
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    wheelarch liners

    Can anyone confirm if 197 arch liners are the same as 200 ? (front and rear)
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    Throttle body fixing bolts

    Anyone know the part number of the throttle body bolts ? There's 3 the same the 4th is longer Thanks
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    Apple air printer

    I'm in need of a new printer, my old HP is about had it plus printing from the ipad via an app isn't always successful. What would you recommend, I need to print, scan & copy - budget say £60 Advise please
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    Rear cage

    Anyone fitted one of the Safety Devices rear cages - this one RBR020 Any pics of the mounting brackets ?
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    Brembo Caliper seals

    Hi Can anyone confirm the part No's of the genuine Brembo piston & dust seals ? I know I've seen a picture of the brembo boxes with the part numbers showing but can I find it !!!!! Also Has anyone experience of using the kits supplied by Budweg or Bigred ? I'm assuming these are cheaper than...
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    Lowering steering column

    RS200 - is it possible to lower the steering column (further than the built in adjustment) to allow a lower seating position ? Cheers
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    Megane Trophy

    Does the price of this seem a little steep ?
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    Race car geometry settings

    Hi Does anyone have details of the geometry settings that the clio cup race cars use? Thanks