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  1. Dmonk197

    Just booked Bedford for the 14th September- anyone else?

    Had first track day last month. booked again. car will have Michelin PS4 - (Last track had crappy old one and was wet) had clutch slipping and brakes juddering- this time will have DS2500 pads and new clutch. also while doing clutch would be rude not to recondition the box for the dreaded...
  2. Dmonk197

    Tires- road use and a couple TD's??

    So I was going to get the Yoko AD08 R but hard to find now and I read the new AD08RS are not as good. So what's the next best tire to get please? Ps4? Cup 2? Similarly what's the best pad for same use, I have standard brembo set up and got severe juddering for 1 session on my TD (first...
  3. Dmonk197

    Black Trim Restorer - WOW the best

    For anyone looking to restore their external black trim: Solution black trim restorer is amazing. Here is my before and after!
  4. Dmonk197

    Yoko AD08 v Pilot Sports 4 which one?

    i read that the above two tires are the main ones people here go for, but which one is better for the road for all year use? sorry for the question just dont know which is best to go for and what size? main use is country lane driving.
  5. Dmonk197

    Clio V6 readers car on Pistonhead!
  6. Dmonk197

    i want 220 BHP from a remap???
  7. Dmonk197

    Sparkplug coil pack help?

    Help please so the code was a failing sparkplug or coil pack number you guys chsnge all 4 sparks and coils or just 1or change one coil and all 4 sparks?? Also is eurocarparts coil pack ok? Same as oem?
  8. Dmonk197

    Interesting article today on Pistonheads- RS Fleet
  9. Dmonk197

    DAB Vs FM-

    Im about to buy an Alpine Unit so i can have the steering controls and the top display still working. my only question is what is the way forwards DAB or FM? Any Info/ feedback welcome thank you
  10. Dmonk197

    Any use use Pro-calipers to refurbish Brembos or can recommend someone?

    I have already tried Stephen on here but seems he is not currently doing this? I checked for new calipers back and front and would cost in the region of £500 and refurbishment should be in the region of £200. but can anyone recommend a company?
  11. Dmonk197

    200 steering rack and power steering issue???

    My power steering is playing up where the steering becomes heavy and light at different speeds and also where sometimes it will only turn with my input meaning after a corner it will not turn back just stay where I turn it. Question is if I get the 200 rack in my 197 is the steering motor...
  12. Dmonk197

    Replacing the hub ball joint neareast to London?

    I see Aaron auto does it in Derbyshire but thats a 2 hour drive? Not end of the world but anyone know if it can be done while I wait? (or same day?) But if anyone knows closer to London that would be great? Thank you
  13. Dmonk197

    brakes make a whale like noise???

    It happens when I move back slowly with wheels locked to either left or right, terrible when I parallel park, do I need to be worried? Only thing I can think about is maybe its just the brake pads? Any help welcome please Once again thanks guys any and all comments are welcome they are...
  14. Dmonk197

    Wow, just sharing a trip I completed. and will then try and learn to load photos.

    So two weeks ago a mate and I went Dh mountain biking at les2Alps which is near Granoble in France, a 900 km (each way) drive and I must say the little R27 was brilliant! A steady 90mph almost non stop for 12 hours. But the last 40km is why I took the Renault. We reached the mountain at 2300 and...
  15. Dmonk197

    Mapping near/in London

    Anyone can recommend a good place to map, i had the center silencer removed, and it has the dreaded flat spot, yesterday for the first time to i had a pushed peddle downs and car kangaroo'd as if the flat spot was happening again and again, that never happened before and was back to normal...
  16. Dmonk197

    W.Hampstead- Mill Lane- Yanni on this forum

    Was parked up a few cars away from you...nice car....i must sort out my spacers....and obviously love your wheels so if we that close to each other when we going for a drive? Yiannis197
  17. Dmonk197

    White Megane Sports near bedford on saturday about 1pm

    you would know if its you, gave it some serious beans with a Honda civic, but i must admit first time i saw a Megan sports in the flesh all in white and my my its tasty.....the only thing i don't like about it now are the wheels, but wow its stunning!
  18. Dmonk197

    So where to order new breaks and pads from??

    So next day breaks are sending out the wrong pads and the wrong information is on the website. and im told that we can only get the brembo pads from renault but they are £99. can some please advise of where is best place closest to OEM to get all round breaks and pads from?
  19. Dmonk197

    is the radio in the 200 better than the 197 and will it fit?

    As the title really? will it fully work with the controls and display ( i imagine it would) what is it called? is it any louder? anyone done this?
  20. Dmonk197

    Driving Gloves?? do you use any?

    I tend to get clammy hands especially when the adrenaline starts to flow. i always thought driving gloves are a bit gay and never got them but now that i go on long drives and get clammy hands i wounder what gloves people use and can recommend? Thank you