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    Meglio Fan Wiring

    I have posted in the Engine and Gearbox forum as well but thought i’d post in here in case anyone who’s done these conversions can help out. I’ve fitted the Airtec radiator in my Meglio, and originally the fan was just wired on a switch but i’ve found the original fan wiring so was hoping to...
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    Clio 197 Meglio Cooling

    I’ve just replaced the radiator in my 197 Meglio with the Airtec radiator setup and finishing up the last couple of details. The original radiator fan was just run on a switch inside the car from the previous owner/engine converter, but i’ve managed to find the 2 radiator fan plugs during...
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    Good condition standard gear knobs

    I’ve got 2 from 197s and I know these are normally battered. What’s the going rate on these? Not looking to rob people but also gotta be worth my time to actually wrap and post them
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    I need to add pics

    So after much deliberation about this wheel that wheel that offset this offset and then getting pissed about with a set of speedlines I pulled the trigger on enkei nagato in satin bronze et45. I bloody love it :)
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    Centre bore of 197 alloys

    evening all Before I buy new wheels and they don’t fit... What’s the centre bore on 197 ? Thanks
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    Weird heat issue

    took the car to cadwell. After 3-4 laps I noticed temps rising so came off track. Cooled down Took back out exact same thing after 3.5 laps. Took car out on road and under medium to hard driving (same as track) I did not incur any issues whatsoever. Any ideas?
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    What boost you meglios running?

    As per title really. Just wondering boost levels and what your cars made on the rollers. Had a vac issue with mine over weekend that then kicked in eml. All corrected now and reset eml Took some readings now car is boosting well and was very surprised. Wish I knew who mapped it :(
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    Dump valve

    what you lot doing re dv? Mine has a blanking plate at recirc so I bough a forge dv from r26. My ic pipework is larger diameter so the t piece silicone won’t fit over it :( Bored of sounding like a space invader now lol
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    7.5j et42

    Will they fit? Thanks Mark
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    What intercooler are you guys running?

    I’m looking to map mine ASAP but I’m being told that the 225 intercooler is useless. What you guys running and what power you running? I suppose we should also mention what turbo also
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    So as many will have seen

    I’ve been after advice on meg my 197. A lovely yellow one popped up already done on eBay. I put a bid in and got popped to the post. Feeling frustrated I refreshed the page and as by magic a meglio deep blue f1 appeared. Sorry don’t know the colour name. No paper work Unknown history 1 key...
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    Blue and stickered Bedford Autodrome

    Nice looking car Mine was the dirty nimbus grey one
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    Calling all FI owners

    Hi I live near Peterborough and I’m looking for some one to be a kind hearted soul. Before I begin the process of conversion I was hoping I could come and meet you somewhere if you live relatively local and wondered if any of you would mind taking me out in your meglio and then allowing me to...
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    One for the FI people

    is it worth it? Honestly I’d like to know before i waste money and ruin a great little car Honest opinion ideally from those that have had both for a while Reason I ask. Mate went to see a f1 meg this weekend and I was left really under whelmed
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    In garage replacing steering wheel

    Anyone got a wiring diagram?
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    Help please - seat wiring diagram

    Hiya, I’ve been told there’s a diagram on here but not seeing it. I’m after the diagrams / instructions for fitting aftermarket seats so I don’t have airbag warnings
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    Seat removal

    trying to get my new track seats fitted and having a nightmare. Passenger side all done Drivers side rear 2 bolts are now out with a fight!! Front 2 on drivers side will not come loose. I’m not a feeble bloke. I’ve proper gone for it and they will not come loose! Doing my head in. Any...
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    Direnza cat back

    Hi guys Anyone got a direnza cat back? If so any sound clips? Thanks
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    Newbie with a 197 cup that will be a meglio

    Hi, New here but by no means new to the car scene. Picked up a 197 cup last week that I plan to go meg route in for my next track car. I imagine I'm probably a bit older than most of you here but I think I can learn a lot regarding the 197 etc here. Current fleet, 2013 M3 V8 (almost daily)...